All you need to know about GOIS-Standalone


Goods Order Inventory Management System Standalone is one of the earlier version of GOIS inventory management application that can be accessed from mobile platform including Android smartphone, tablet, Apple iPhone and iPad. It is a device dependent application that stores all your transaction information in your device storage for tracking and works in offline mode. GOIS Standalone inventory management solution is helpful for small to medium size businesses, who face various problems while looking after the inventory database. GOIS Standalone leverages the various useful features that simplifies the way of recording, updating and tracking stock/inventory records. Using GOIS Standalone one can easily view/track products in stock, sales, purchases, and all other inventory records efficiently with a compatible device.

GOIS Standalone is a free inventory management application, which can be downloaded on Android and Apple devices from respective app stores. This inventory management system is being used by leading retail business sectors across the globe.

Following modules has been covered by GOIS Standalone app to enhance inventory management and tracking process of your warehouse:

  • Products
  • Purchase Order
  • Inventory
  • Sales Order
  • Reports

Products & Categories

GOIS Standalone app allows users to add products into the app and can map those products with desired categories, which eliminates any chances of confusion while tracking inventory records for a specific product lying with numerous other products in-stock. A user can add as many categories as per their business desire.

Purchase Order

GOIS Standalone allows its users to create purchase order from mobile devices for desired products to be bought from different suppliers with their quantity information, which further can be sent to the wholesaler, supplier or vendor via email using the app.

Smart Inventory Management

It was a history when inventory management processes were carried manually on papers. With GOIS Standalone mobile inventory management app, small business owners and individuals can have an access to the smart inventory management system to store and track their stock quantities residing on a warehouse.

Sales Order

An owner can use this feature to create sales order for their customers to sell different items from the stock and can send these sales to a given email address with an ease using mobile application.

Business Reports

Small business owners can use this feature to generate quick business reports, carrying data related to sales, purchase, inventory, profit/loss and all other crucial information related to business transactions. The reporting module allows standalone users to email various types of reports, which can help them in framing business strategies for the future.
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