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GOIS & Salesforce Integration Advantage

GOIS new Salesforce integration is like an icing on your customer relationships. Giving Business Owners a higher degree of flexibility in tracking the sales deliveries that steps-up their business to the next level with an improved customer response time.

You can now keep a track of all the customer information in the GOIS system as well as in Salesforce for on-time sales dispatches from your warehouse. Stay true to your promises that you’ve made to your customers because GOIS always keeps a track of all the real-time sales that are being created under an organization and updates all the latest sales and stock information into Salesforce to ensure you have sufficient stocks for a new sale.

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How Integration works

Customer Forecasting

All the necessary information with respect to a customer can be found at a single place like a list of all past orders, discounts and prices offered, customer preferences, interactions, quotations, etc. Identify new sales opportunities by analysing your best customers’ purchase histories.

Centralized Sales and Opportunities

Create opportunities in Salesforce against the sales orders created in GOIS through distributed mobile and web sales channels for immediate order processing and dispatch.

Price Book

All the products existing in GOIS can be imported into the price books in Salesforce to create a product catalogue.

Improved Workflow

Using GOIS integrated Salesforce environment for real-time inventory and order management keeps your customers happy by minimizing the warehouse processing times which improves business workflow resulting in faster dispatches.

Frequent Updates

Get notified for inventory updates and low stock levels so that you do not commit for anything you don’t have in your warehouse and build trustworthy relations with your customers.

About Salesforce

Salesforce offers one of the cloud based top customer relationship management (CRM) solution. The company’s CRM software is an enterprise solution that helps businesses manage tasks and relationships with new and existing customer base to a potential market for expansion.

Salesforce also gives your business a flexibility to use other commercial applications for social networking through acquisition.

With Salesforce, Business Owners may track a company wide sales, marketing and analyse customer satisfaction level to create a personal experience for each of your valuable clients. The CRM solution provided by Salesforce can be customized at every level to cater your business needs.

Popular Salesforce Features

  • Get more leads and close more deals in a quick time frame.
  • Expand business with an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty for your company.
  • Social, mobile and other offerings by Salesforce connect you with the customers individually to understand their workflow.
  • Customer behaviour and preference forecasting.
  • Keep an eye on your business from any mobile device.

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