Business Opportunity

50 million +

According to stats, the inventory management users worldwide comprise of only 15% of Businessmen which use Licensed inventory management solutions, and the rest 85% use Non-License solutions because they cannot find an efficient application at economical prices. Since 2005, GOIS-Pro has been satisfying the inventory management needs of small and medium businesses across varying industry verticals throughout the world. Based on the research of our reliable sources, there are over 50 million users of inventory management solutions today, which is expected to grow at the rate of 30% annually over the coming years as per the GST (Goods Service Tax) norms introduced by Government of different countries. To tap this potential market, we at GOIS-Pro have decided to come up with a lucrative Reseller Program that is mutually beneficial for resellers and customers.

Why become a GOIS-Pro Reseller?

GOIS-Pro is the sister affiliate of MetaOption LLC,

A leading ISO 9001:2008 certified

IT solution provider and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner based at
Jersey City, NJ(USA).

GOIS-Pro is a comprehensive inventory management solution that offers full inventory control to the users

Enabling them to optimize their stock levels

Efficiently track the items in their inventory

And make the best use of their available logistic resources.

Ease of mobility is a key constraint for modern businesses.

GOIS-Pro offers full inventory control over Android and iOS mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) so you can enjoy real-time access to your inventory anytime, anywhere.

GOIS-Pro is a perfect software solution for all types of businesses, regardless of their niche.

It can be implemented across various industry verticals including medical & healthcare, FMCG, Spare Parts Automobiles and much more.

GOIS-Pro offers very economical and flexible PPU (Pay Per Use) subscription packages that can be easily customize by the customers as per their business requirements.

This is also a key factor that make GOIS-Pro the perfect inventory solution for SMBs. The monthly subscriptions for GOIS-Pro start at a price of as low as $18.99.

GOIS-Pro features multiple currency and language functionalities, with multiple location support that makes it a true global solution for enterprises operating anywhere on the globe.

We have users from more than 50 different countries.

GOIS-Pro features a very simple and user-friendly interface so that users can use the application to manage their inventory

Which eliminates the need for any training sessions.

Considering the strengths of GOIS-Pro as an inventory management solution

And the huge demand for economical and high-quality inventory management solutions in the global market

There can be little doubt about the immense business potential for the solution. Moreover, the rich dividends (Profit share of up to 50%) make GOIS-Pro reselling a very lucrative business opportunity for our Reseller Partners.

Our Reseller Program presents huge profitability opportunity for our resellers,

with very little or no investment. You just need to have a website with decent traffic, and try to direct your visitors towards GOIS-Pro.

The trick of earning huge rewards with this program is to work smart, instead of working hard.

GOIS-Pro values its customers and aims at achieving high-levels of customer satisfaction with our solution and services.

We have a dedicated team of technical support professionals that offer a strong 24 X 7 support to all our customers

Helping them resolve any hassle they face in the quickest possible time.

GOIS-Pro provides a dedicated 24 X 7 online panel to all its resellers through

which they can communicate with our Technical, Accounts, Sales & Marketing, and Customer support teams with ease, and resolve all their queries quickly.

At GOIS-Pro, we pay our Reseller Partners for every monthly subscription they get us,and their share is credited to their desired bank account automatically, the moment the customer makes the payment. Considering the immense capabilities of GOIS-Pro and the cost-effectiveness of its monthly subscription packages, there can be little doubt that a customer will carry on his/her subscription for the next coming months. And as we pay our resellers for every monthly subscription they fetch us

our Reseller program becomes a lucrative recurring income opportunity for them.

Level Sign-up Attainment Recurring Commission (On Paid Sign up)
Tier 1 01-500 20%
Tier 2 501-1000 35%
Tier 3 1001-Above 40%
Premium Reseller Contact Us Up-to 50%

Become a GOIS-pro Reseller

GOIS-Pro has been developed as a comprehensive inventory management solution aimed at setting new paradigms in the world of inventory management applications and creating an experience of unmatched excellence and trust for small and medium businesses.

Our Philosophy

At GOIS-Pro, we strive hard to support our customers and partners to help them achieve their business goals. That is how we aim at making a difference.

Our Strengths

  • Sister affiliate of MetaOption, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
  • A comprehensive Inventory Management software solution
  • Supports web and Android & iOS mobile devices
  • Thousands of active users worldwide
  • 24 X 7 customer support

Scope of Profit for our Resellers

The Reseller gets his/her share for every monthly subscription for both new and returning customers

At GOIS-Pro, we follow a transparent and immediate profit sharing, which is disbursed to the Resellers on billing itself.

app for business orders

GOIS-Pro shares

up to 50% of its subscription revenues with our Resellers, against the market trend of 20-25%

Revenue Benefits with GOIS-Pro

  • GOIS-Pro 70% Profit with its Reseller as Compared to the market trend of 25%.
  • Normally S/w companies provides commission to It's Channel Reseller after they have sold the product where as GOIS-Pro provides profit on billing itself.