Manage Each & Every Stage of Inventory Lifecycle – Accurately & Efficiently

Goods Order Inventory System Pro is an advanced inventory management system, which offers enhanced capabilities to reduce excess stock and fulfill new orders on time.



Perfect Tracking of Products

  • Goods Order Inventory System Pro empowers businesses to easily track the current sales and purchase orders of any specific product. They can easily create sales and purchase orders from within the system.

Location Based Tracking

  • This innovative inventory management solution allows the user to add, view, track, edit and manage inventory database for more than one business unit or warehouse location, from a single dashboard.

Complete Customer Information

  • Customer data is one of the most crucial assets for any business organization. Goods Order Inventory System Pro stores complete customer information in one place. This client information includes their name, contact numbers, addresses, email ids, fax numbers and more.

Discount & Taxes

  • Goods Order Inventory System Pro allows the user to add additional taxes and all applicable discounts with the orders, before processing them. The user can also set a standard currency for transactions, as per the business requirements.


Stock Adjustment & Transfer

  • Adjust stock data and transfer your stock across multiple locations and inventories through your mobile device itself. Manage your damaged, broken or rejected stock without any hassle.

Barcode Scanning

  • Assign barcodes with products in-stock in the #SKU field to make them unique amongst multiple products for easy identification. Barcode scanning can be easily done from the device’s rear camera. No need of any additional investments on scanning devices

Multiple Categories

  • Add multiple categories and add all similar products with their images together in one specific category for easy identification. Product categories can be customized as per the individual business needs and requirements.

Availability of Stock

  • Know the availability of current stock and projected stock status across multiple warehouses at one place. You can add product’s image with the stock inventory for easy reorganization and quick analysis.


Sales & Purchase

  • Generate sales and purchase reports for any specific period of time. Get quick sales or purchase summary and track orders, profit/loss with the information on discounts availed and taxes added to any specific sales or purchase for a specific day.


  • Generate reports for specific products. Take a quick look on their total purchase and sales summary with knowing the total profit or loss occurred on that specific product. You can also generate real-time stock reports for a specific product, in-stock across any warehouse.

Fast & Easy Import/Export

  • Fast and easy import & export of inventory data in .csv file format. Our support team would guide you to import large volumes of data from any web server without any data loss possibility.

All Transactions Reports

  • You can generate real-time reports for all types of purchase and sales transactions. Create reports for total profit/loss, product & category wise, date wise, location wise, sales wise and more.


Real-time Synchronization

  • Real-time synchronization of all inventory data added during the online mode. GOIS Pro synchronizes data amongst multiple users via a secured centralized server in real-time. Hence, all users would be updated with recent inventory data.

Centralized and Secured Database

  • Goods Order Inventory System Pro stores all the inventory data in a centralized and highly secured database, providing global accessibility to the users. This enables them to improve business productivity and access inventory data from any part of the globe.

Multiple Platform Compatibility

  • Goods Order Inventory System Pro is a web based inventory management system, which can be accessed from any hardware or software platform, which runs a web browser. And hence, you can run this inventory management tool on Mac, Windows, Linux PCs and laptops.

Mobile Support

  • Goods Order Inventory System Pro can be easily accessed on smartphone and tablets through dedicated mobile applications available on Google Play Store & Apple iTunes. Also compatible with BlackBerry and Windows Phone through any mobile web browser

How about some Goods Order Inventory reviews?

Goods Order Inventory is rated on average 4.63 / 5 based on 3 reviews

5.00 / 5.00
“GOIS-Pro is a perfect inventory management tool for small and medium enterprises that offers advanced warehouse management features, and is accessible even from mobile devices. GOIS-Pro offers user-friendly interface for iPad, iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets.”
3.00 / 5.00
“GOIS Pro is an all-encompassing integrated inventory management application with user friendly mobile and web interface. This app is useful for individuals and small businesses to manage and track their Purchase and Sales Orders, Inventories, multiple locations, Categories, Vendors and Customers.”
7.30 / 10.00
“Goods Order Inventory Software offers both online and mobile solutions for small to medium size businesses in a variety of industries. Mobile compatibility also allows you to access this software remotely through a mobile-optimized site and on their Android or iOS mobile app.”

Key Highlights of GOIS Pro

Goods Order Inventory System Pro is an innovative and best-in-class inventory management solution, which helps businesses to simplify and automate all their complex inventory management processes.


  • 2016-04-29 07:16:28
    New Image Capture Feature in iOS app

    Added ability to capture image from rear camera and save directly as product image.

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  • 2016-04-27 06:07:09
    New Stock Pages introduced in GOIS Pro

    With the implementation of new stock pages in the GOIS-Pro, Business Owner will have stock tracking ability which could help them in managing their inventory in an efficient way.

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  • 2016-04-27 05:38:30
    Upgraded app for iOS 9

    GOIS iOS9 upgraded application comes up with the improved performance, to provide a better user experience.

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