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Hawaii food

A Company Having Market Leadership in Hawaii’s Food Industry

Business Challenges

  • Manage multi-location inventory and lots.
  • Employees were following a very complex sales process to complete an order.
  • Moving stocks from one business unit to other business units was hurting the order completion process as there was no way to keep a record of any transfer.
  • No restriction on the users to access the current system. Business Owner was unable to hide confidential business reports from executives.
  • Most of the time sales executives spend on fields to collect the orders on papers and at the end of the day submitting those orders to the office which increases the order delivery time.
  • Forecasting customer buying habits to make sufficient stock available all the time was another big challenge to them as compilation of paper orders is a tedious job and takes indefinite time.
  • Managing product categories to keep a track of on-hand quantities across multiple categories in a warehouse was creating trouble to the warehouse manager to get updated with over stocked and under stocked items.
  • There was no way to email the order receipts quickly to customers and to update them once the order is ready.
  • Tracking sales and backorder items is to be done manually by the workers that was creating errors and hence inventory always mismatches with the actual stock availability.
  • Company was looking to automate their workflow with some easy solution.

Proposed Solution – GOIS

  • GOIS gives them the flexibility to add multiple locations and business units and receive purchase orders in desired lot to organize stock efficiently.
  • Our experts analyse their sales order collection process and offered an efficient way from GOIS mobile app called Quick Sales that cut down the complete order submission time with real-time data synchronization.
  • GOIS with its easy stock transfer function cut down their stock transfer time between warehouses from 1-2 days to instant. Now their executives can decide on field whether the order is to be taken from customer or not by tracking the current available stock limits across different stores on a given date and time.
  • By mapping user roles provided by the system like Business Owner, Business Admin, Business Manager and Sales Executives, Owner can easily hide confidential information among different user categories as per their requirement. Sales Executives can’t modify the existing product information but can create sales from field using smartphones, tablets or from the web login. Moreover all the orders are now getting synced with the centralized server for the Admin to look at real-time and initiate the delivery process on requested date-time.
  • With multiple category mapping with each individual products, now the product catalogue is more organized and keeping a track of all on-hand quantities becomes easy at organization, Business Unit, Location or even Lot level.
  • By looking at the historical sales reports, analysing customer purchasing habits helps in maintaining sufficient stocks limits so as not to overflow or underflow top selling products.
  • GOIS offered quick barcode scanning functionality to punch sales faster than ever with mobile devices. Email or printing customer invoices was not as easy as it is now.
  • “Across all the business units of the company, there seems a drastic change in the sales revenue (increased by 30% till date in last 6 Months) and resource productivity (increased by 40%) with an addition to automated workflow across entire end-to-end business processes”

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