eCommerce Inventory Management Automation

GOIS is an eCommerce automation platform that helps you save your time and focus on growing your business. With GOIS, it’s easy to automate tasks within your operations and across your apps.

  • Faster fulfillment With customers demanding speed and flexibility in delivery options, it’s essential that you process orders quickly and efficiently. GOIS allows you to automate order fulfillment to cut down on delivery time.
  • Keeping your online inventory accurate GOIS automatically updates stock levels in Amazon and other marketplaces. You’ll save the time and hassle of manually updating your online stores. Thus helping your customers to shop with confidence knowing their purchase is in stock and ready to go.
  • Forecast future demand based on past sales GOIS sophisticated forecasting tools will look at your current inventory and historical sales data to give you an accurate estimate of when you should re-order from your supplier.
  • Selling on multiple online channels Selling through multiple online sales channels means you need consolidated order processing and inventory management. GOIS automatically pulls in all orders placed across all your channels, allocates inventory and updates all the channels with new inventory counts in a matter of seconds.
  • Speeding up picking and packing GOIS features barcode scanner support that speeds up order picking. Speed and convenience are some of the main selling points for online shoppers — by making it easier to get your product shipped, GOIS will help you fulfill your end of that promise.
  • Integrating with your accounting software GOIS also works seamlessly with QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online and Excel, automatically tracking sales, which means you can have a clear picture of the bottom line.

Centralized eCommerce Inventory Management

Siloed inventory and manual processes across multiple channels leads to stock discrepancies, backorders, and money left on the table from overstocks. As brands grow, it’s crucial to have a scalable eCommerce inventory software that centralizes your inventory into one, unified location so you can sell with peace of mind.

Keep track of your inventory in one location with the e-commerce inventory management solution. With ongoing receiving, picking, and stock transfer operations occurring in your warehouse, everyone will able to get a real-time view of inventory stock counts via any Internet-connected device.

Get a quick snapshot of how much inventory you have on hand (QoH) and how much inventory (Avail) you have available to promise. The available to promise count enables you to allocate stock from existing inventory and committed purchase orders.

eCommerce Inventory Visibility and Reporting

GOIS is designed to give you complete visibility and insight into your inventory’s journey. We give you access to multiple reports and with better data and greater inventory visibility, you can make better business decisions.

  • Maximize sales with accurate forecasting
  • Make better purchasing decisions with detailed reporting
  • Know where your inventory is every step of the way
  • Manage eCommerce inventory across marketplaces with full transparency

Manage Inventory Across Multiple Warehouses

When a customer orders your product, we’ll automatically sync stock levels in near real-time across different warehouses and sales platforms.

  • Create inventory reorder rules at the product or warehouse level
  • Track aisle and bin locations, along with serialized inventory across each warehouse
  • Set order fulfillment priorities and we’ll route sales orders to whichever warehouse you’ve specified

Proper Mapping of Marketplace SKUs to a Unique Product ID

When you are selling products in different marketplaces (e.g. Amazon and eBay), you may be forced to have different SKUs that correspond to the same product. As you sell on more marketplaces, the management of the marketplace SKUs becomes more complex, and many people attempt to manage this complexity with Excel worksheets. GOIS handles this with a couple of mouse clicks and properly keeps track of your inventory.

Kitting / Product Bundling

In GOIS, increase the number of selling options by setting up kits or bundles and creating a new product. Kitting is an assembly process in which separate but related items are grouped, packaged and supplied together as one unit. Some refer to this process as product bundling, and the two terms are interchangeable.

When the kit is ordered, inventory is automatically decremented from each product that makes up the kit. This e-commerce management capability makes it easy for businesses who assemble their own products to track inventory levels of both finished goods and individual parts.

Increase Accuracy and Order Efficiency

When you run a growing business from a spreadsheet, you’re bound to make inventory mistakes. GOIS has featured in place to automate eCommerce inventory processes and reduce inventory mistakes caused by manual errors.

  • Never oversell again
  • Avoid incorrect shipments with better Quality Control
  • Utilize barcoding to reduce risk from manual data entry
  • Maintain marketplace quantity accuracy with Quantity Buffers
  • Sync marketplace quantities in real-time

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