We believe in offering flexible pricing options tailored to your unique business requirements. Your pricing will be based on various parameters crucial for your business operations. Here’s an overview of our pricing structure.

Subscription Plan

Our Subscription Plan provides essential features to kick-start your journey. The Price for this plan varies, ranging from $100 to $500+ per month, depending on factors such as Users, Warehouses, Product, Sales & Purchase orders, & Integrations. This plan also offers customizable app integrations like
G-Mobile, G-Pricing, G-Store, Requisition, Checkout, POS App, & POS Admin
enhancing functionality. App costs are factored into pricing based on configurations and preferences.


Seamless implementation is important for your success. Our one-time implementation fee range from $1,500 to $5,000+, tailored to your specific requirements.


Customize the system to match your unique needs with our customization services. The extent of customization will depend on your requirements and the parameters mentioned earlier.


Multi-channel made easy with direct integrations

Stay on top of your inventory management with direct integrations to sales channels and marketplaces.


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Custom Integration

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