Capabilities of Our Inventory Management Software

Goods Order Inventory System, is a comprehensive inventory management software that offers a wide range of capabilities to help businesses efficiently manage their inventory, streamline operations, and make informed decisions. In this page, we will delve into the various features and capabilities of GOIS, highlighting how it can benefit businesses of all sizes.

Inventory Management

GOIS provides powerful tools to manage your inventory effectively, including real-time tracking of stock levels, product details, and categories. It allows you to set reorder points and manage stock across multiple locations.

Sales and Purchase Management

You can easily create, edit, and manage sales and purchase orders. GOIS helps you track sales and purchase trends, enabling you to make data-driven decisions.

Multi-Warehouse Management

Multi-warehouse management feature allows you to stock and keep track of items at multiple locations.

Multi-Channel Sales Integration

Seamlessly integrate GOIS with various sales channels, such as e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and POS systems. Centralize your sales data for better visibility and control.

Barcode Scanning

GOIS supports barcode scanning, making inventory management faster and more accurate. Scan barcodes to add or remove items from inventory, reducing the risk of errors.

Mobile Accessibility

Access your inventory data and manage operations on the go with the mobile app. Mobile accessibility ensures that you are always in control, no matter where you are.

Real-Time Analytics

GOIS provides real-time analytics and reporting tools, allowing you to monitor your business’s performance. Generate custom reports and gain insights into your inventory and sales data.

Integration with Accounting Software

Seamlessly integrate with accounting software like QuickBooks to streamline financial processes. Eliminate manual data entry and reduce the chances of errors.

User Permissions and Security

GOIS offers role-based access control, allowing you to define user permissions. Keep your data secure and grant access only to authorized personnel.

Supplier and Customer Management

Manage supplier and customer information, track their histories, and stay informed about your business relationships.


GOIS is scalable, making it suitable for small businesses as well as large enterprises. It can adapt to your growing inventory needs.


Set up automation rules for inventory reordering, sales, and purchase orders. Reduce manual tasks and enhance efficiency.

Cloud-Based System

GOIS operates in the cloud, enabling easy access from anywhere with an internet connection. This cloud-based approach ensures data redundancy and reliability.


Customize GOIS to suit your specific business needs with features like custom fields and workflows. Tailor the software to your unique requirements.

GOIS and QuickBooks Integration Software: A Synergy for Inventory and Business Management

When it comes to integrating software for business efficiency, GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System) combined with QuickBooks stands as a formidable duo, empowering businesses to streamline their inventory and overall operations.

QuickBooks integration software takes the lead, efficiently handling the financial aspects of the business. It’s a trusted choice for SMBs businesses.

In the area of inventory management, Goods Order Inventory Software has been a reliable player since 2005. It seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to optimize operations for distributors, manufacturers, and online retailers.

Bringing GOIS into the mix and integrating it with QuickBooks software creates a powerful synergy—a dynamic duo. This integration forms an inventory and business powerhouse, providing businesses with a clear and comprehensive view of their growth and path to success.

Learn how this powerful combo can help you run your business with confidence and finesse that will back you now & into the future.

Seamless Collaboration Understanding the Synced Modules Between QuickBooks and GOIS

Real-Time Visibility

With unified data on inventory, sales, order fulfillment, buying, and more, you can gain control and real-time insight.

Multichannel Management

With multichannel order management that integrates all GOIS’s sales channels, you can exceed customers’ expectations for EVERY customer.

Purchase Order Mangement

With tools for the whole purchasing process, including specialist add-ons for drop shipping and customized orders, maintain accurate inventory levels.

Inventory valuation

Calculate landing costs accurately and use them along with all other valuation and costing techniques, such as average, standard, LIFO, FIFO, particular identification, additional, management, and vendor, to determine genuine costs.

Mobile Warehouse Management

With fully functioning mobile warehouse management software to receive, pick, sell, manage workflow, and transfer & count inventory, you can improve order fulfillment and lower expensive mistakes.

Lot and Serial Numbers

From origination to manufacture through fulfillment, track an infinite number of BOTH serialized and lot-numbered items instantly and on-demand.

Vendors’ bills sync

Maintain good relationships with your vendors’ and keep tabs on your payables regardless of which application you’re using. Billing data gets transferred from GOIS Inventory to QuickBooks the moment it is created.

Integrate accounts during the creation

Keep your financial statements accurate with detailed accounts. Your chart of accounts in QuickBooks gets mapped to GOIS Inventory, and vice-versa, only at the time of creation of the account. This way all the account names are visible in both applications.

Automatic invoice mapping

GOIS Inventory keeps your invoicing stylish, precise, and current. Your invoices get added in QuickBooks the moment you create them in GOIS Inventory, so you always know which customers have yet to pay and which have already paid.

Collaborate vendor data

You can sync your vendor data into GOIS Inventory too. When you get a quote from a prospective supplier, you can add the details in QuickBooks & see them automatically reflected in the GOIS Inventory as well.

Compile customer contacts

Don’t spend time syncing contacts between two different applications. When you add a new contact in QuickBooks, it gets automatically added to the GOIS Inventory, helping you save time while recording future transactions.

Inventory adjustments in stock journal

Inventory adjustments done in GOIS Inventory gets updated in the stock journal in QuickBooks. Based on the positive or negative adjustment the stock on hand and Cost Of Goods Sold (COGS) record gets recorded in QuickBooks. This way your stock journal is updated with all the transactions.

GOIS & QuickBooks Integration: Uniting Unique Features for Seamless Operations

  • Efficient accounting management.
  • Quick invoice status overview.
  • Smooth payment handling for vendors.
  • Easy 1-click customer credit transfers.
  • Improved accessibility features.
  • Real-time centralized data visibility
  • Enhanced management of inventory
  • Efficient order management across multiple channels
  • Intelligent warehouse insights
  • Streamlined cost management
  • Integrated customer relationship management.

GOIS + QuickBooks Integration: Empowering Small and Medium sized Businesses (SMBs)

The integration of GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System) with QuickBooks has been a game-changer for numerous SMBs (small to medium-sized businesses). It has rescued them from committing to an ERP system not tailored for small businesses, which often comes with complexities, unnecessary functionalities, and high expenses.

This integration is the perfect solution for distributors, manufacturers, and online retailers with massive yearly revenue who need to optimize their inventory and overall business operations. It’s an ideal choice for those who have outgrown manual methods like spreadsheets and are seeking to enhance their operations.

By integrating GOIS with QuickBooks, businesses can elevate themselves above their competition, including larger companies relying on costly ERPs. The GOIS + QuickBooks integration offers a cost-effective alternative with features equivalent to or even superior to traditional ERP software. It’s a compelling solution that provides SMBs with the tools they need to succeed without breaking the bank.

GOIS + QuickBooks Integration


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