Track, Manage, and Control Inventory and Associated Costs

Inventory control may be the single most important factor in improving shop floor efficiency, part and materials accuracy and ultimately, your bottom line. From tracking inventory and outsourced parts throughout the manufacturing process, to reducing physical inventory time and forecasting necessary materials to meet demands, the Manufacturing Inventory Software modules from GOIS helps you solve every supply chain challenge.

GOIS’ Inventory Software is built on facilitating lean manufacturing management principles with functions such as:

Operations is complex, and no software is perfect. Our commitment to you as a Stitch customer is to:

  • Separate inventory master records for each manufacturing individual location (or “EPlant”)
  • Both eKanban and conventional Kanban control support
  • Complete lot number tracking and traceability including supporting documents
  • Serialized inventory control

Manufacturing Inventory Management
Software: Things to Consider

When considering a manufacturing inventory management system, keep some of the following in mind


Manufacturing software is among the most expensive out there. Watch out for hidden costs, hidden limits, and on-going fees. Reduce your risk by starting with simple products that offer free options to start. High price does not equal high quality.


The best manufacturing inventory tracking software is the one you can use! Look for intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces. This shortens the learning curve. Be cautious of too many features and fancy options – as chances are you’ll never use them.

Real Time Reports

Good manufacturing inventory software should generate real time reports on all the assets in your firm quickly and easily, including breakdowns by balance on hand, date, cost, location and any custom fields you define.


Fundamentally you’re doing inventory – which requires quick and easy tools for setting up your items, managing transactions, moving things around, as well as reporting. And for tracking costs look for AVERAGE, LIFO or FIFO costing capabilities.

Inventory Management has Never Been Easier or More Efficient

Through the manufacturing inventory software tools below, tracking, managing and controlling inventory and associated costs has never been easier or more efficient:

  • The Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows for inventory movements and adjustments from anywhere on the plant floor through mobile or other hand-held scanning devices.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) capabilities support the ability to manage consignment inventory stored at customer or vendor sites.
  • Intercompany Transactions allow multi-plant companies to achieve unified scheduling and distribution across all facilities.
  • Outsource Inventory Management has all the tools needed to plan, manage, ship and track the status of products partial or completely produced at outsource vendor locations.
  • Detailed transaction log provides a complete history/genealogy of transactions against any single item that remains with the item until the file is purged.
  • “Where Used Analysis” quickly finds where an item is utilized by either manufacturing configurations or as a component in a blend.
  • Maintain standard costs based on cost elements with complete roll up through work in process and finished goods.
  • Supports non-conforming, non-allocate and default inventory locations.
  • Maintains historical, current, and future costs.
  • Unlimited price breaks let you set volume discounts for finished goods (selling) and raw material (purchased) acquisitions.
  • eKanban. The min/max inventory system compliments sales, work orders and scheduling to ensure no item is ever missing or short.
  • Mass substitutions as well as immediate or scheduled pricing updates.
  • Shelf Life Management tracks expirations and automatically identifies non-conforming inventory with email alert notifications.
  • Blend and formula technology allows you to maintain items that are made up of two or more materials or ingredients.
  • Class-based inventory (i.e. finished goods, raw material, packaging) provides for “class-specific” information, such as vendor specific information or manufacturing data.
  • Unlimited UOMs associated with purchasing, production, sales or stocking for review or automatic conversion.
  • Unlimited locations per inventory item.


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