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Inventory Management System

The solution that helps SMBs take control of their inventory, lower costs and automate purchasing.

Complete Control
Over The Stock Goods

Make Tasks

Human Error


Productivity and

We integrate with your favorite eCommerce solutions

Manage Inventory Management

A smarter way to Manage Inventory Management

Track items using Barcode and Label Printing

Easily scan and update items using Barcode connected to your items.

Stay Updated on top of stock levels

Create alerts to keep track of stock levels and dates.

Get Real-Time updates, anytime anywhere

Manage your inventory on any Desktop, Tablet, iOS or Android device.

Easily manage your products, whether you have one SKU or thousands

Bulk product imports

Our inventory management software allows you to migrate products from your existing point of sale or online store by importing a CSV file

Product variants and composites

You can easily create multiple product sizes, colors or any variations you required, and edit them all in one view

Barcodes and labels

Bundle products together to form new products like baskets, or split one product into many. Easily import existing item barcodes or print new ones.

Manage Products

Post Orders To QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop

  • Unlimited user Options
  • Full Audit Trail Tracking
  • Create and Backup companies with ease
  • Partially receive items from Purchase order
  • View Purchase order items delivery status
  • Process a new on the fly Receipt of Goods
  • Clone existing Purchase Orders
  • Smooth process of reordering of inventory received from different locations

Manage inventory system across multiple platforms

  • Enjoy near real-time inventory system updates for an unlimited number of channels with our inventory management software
  • Manage product levels across multiple warehouses without the fear of overselling
  • Accurately sync manufactured products, kits, multipacks and components without the headaches
Manage inventory across multiple platforms
Inventory Control

Maximize profits by taking control of your inventory

Inventory counts

Quickly complete full or partial stock takes, perform multiple counts simultaneously, and even schedule them in advance. Even easier? Use Scanner by Goods Order Inventory to perform on-the-go counts on your iOS device.

Stock transfers

Have multiple outlets? Check product levels at your other locations and easily transfer items from one store to another while Goods Order Inventory automatically adjusts your inventory levels.

Inventory control

Make better informed decisions about your purchasing and inventory with current and historical stock on hand, low stock alerts, and inventory level reports at your fingertips.

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