Stock the right goods at the right time in the right quantities

Whether you’re heavy manufacturer with multiple warehouses or you’re a single shop trying to keep track of your stock and orders, Goods Order Inventory keeps you organized. Stay informed in the moment
and make sure no inventory is ever lost or misreported.

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Features of Our Inventory Management Software

Enable greater cost savings with a robust system. Minimize deadstock and the
risk of overselling for increased cash inflow.

Product Management

Store detailed descriptions/variation for each product and add features like SKU, Barcodes, suppliers, variants, weight, the wholesale price and retail price, and a lot more.

Inventory Management

Optimizes stock levels, tracks inventory in real-time, and ensures accurate order fulfillment to minimize costs and prevent stockouts.

Warehouse Management

Streamlines warehouse operations, improving storage efficiency, inventory tracking, and workflow automation.

Serial No./ Batch#/Expiration Tracking

Serial and batch number tracking feature ensure that the movement of every unit in your inventory is tracked and the expiry date of each batch is monitored

Stock Control

Get automated and accurate insights in your stock. Easily manage stock levels according to orders and sales.

Barcode Scanning & Label Printing

Catch all stock details by automating the inventory adding and selling processing with the barcode scanning feature.

Multi-Warehouse Management

Multi-warehouse management feature allows you to stock and keep track of items at multiple locations

Purchase Order Management

Manage your entire purchase order lifecycle in one place. Prepare purchase orders using our cloud platform and send it straight to your vendors.

Sales Order Management

Maintain record of all the sales orders, track them, and also customize them so that it will create a good impression in the minds of the customers.

Warehousing, Pick & Ship

Enhances the warehousing process by integrating efficient picking and shipping systems to ensure timely and accurate order delivery.

Point Of Sale (POS)

The POS module is equipped with advanced reporting features to help you gain greater control over sales, customer management and inventory.

Requisition Management

A centralized web app enables BUYER/ADMIN to review item details and vendor info for PO decisions, while customer requests convert to sales orders based on inventory availability.

CheckOut Management

GOIS Web Application tracks inventory usage for jobs/locations, provides cost and quantity summaries, and integrates with QuickBooks, Sage, Procore, Infor, Dynamics 365, and NetSuite ERP platforms.


Allows you to quickly create discounts and layered pricing for your customers. Custom pricing can also be applied to a specific product range or even an entire product catalogue using the application

Workflow Automation

Automation is the way of the future. Transform your business efficiency with clever and customisable workflow automation.

Advanced Integration

GOIS inventory module can be integrated with any platform in the world through APIs

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Inventory management software, inventory control and stock control software tailored to
suit the retail and wholesale industries.

Improve Your Business’s Bottom Line With Industry Focused Inventory Management Solution

Take complete control by automating the flow of inventory operations to enjoy 99.99% fulfilment rates at low operational costs.

Inventory Management

GOIS connects to all of your ecommerce channels, warehouses and locations.

Sync inventory across your sales channels & locations

Fully automated inventory sync, as your inventory levels change, GOIS balances it across your channels, warehouse locations, and Amazon FBA warehouses.

Never sell out of products again

Have better control and visibility of your stock levels across all your channels, in one place.

Forecast for the Full visibility on warehouse operations

Forecast on previous high-sales periods and best-selling products/variants. Factor in lead time from suppliers so you never sell out or overstock again.

Minimized Initial Investment

Track and Control Inventory

GOIS automatically keeps track of your inventory at all times, wherever it is. Learn more about our inventory tracking and control features.

Know when stock levels are low

Monitor your stock levels across every channel with fixed daily email updates. Reorder stock from within GOIS at the click of a button.

Easier, faster and better stock takes

Perform flexible stock takes based on your team and warehouse, using our mobile app. Avoid having to stop operations and do it much faster and more accurately.

Track & sync orders across multiple marketplaces accurately

GOIS updates inventory across marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy and Ebay.

Minimized Initial Investment

Simple Product Management

Virtually bundle products

Virtually bundle products to be sold together for marketing promotions, without typing up stock in pre-packed kits.

Easily manage product variants in one place

Create and manage a wide range of variants for each product – such as multiple sizes, colours and more for all your channels in one place.

View your product catalog in one place

With a simple snapshot of your physical, on-hand and available inventory for sale.

Minimized Initial Investment

The Visibility you need for Modern Ecommerce

Get quality reports, quickly and easily

Make more informed decisions using inventory performance, historical stock, and financial information.

Get valuable insights into your entire process

Monitor your entire ecommerce operation. Use insights to find issues and bottlenecks. You can run inventory, sales, and order fulfilment reports over any given time period.

Full visibility of warehouse operations

Know the lifecycle of every single product, where it’s been, and the actions team members have performed.

Minimized Initial Investment

Automated Warehouse Inventory Management

Multi location warehouse management software

Add multiple warehouses and also control the flow of stock between your store and warehouses, located at different locations with a single application.

Dispatch orders from closest warehouse

Choose the warehouse which is closest to the customer's location while you create a Sales order. This way you can deliver faster, save a lot of time and also cut down the transportation cost.

Track your transfer orders

Select the specific batch or serial number while transferring an item from one warehouse to another. This way, you can keep a track on the movement of each item without any hassles.

Generate accurate reports

Find out the volume of items that are shipped in and out from each of your warehouses. Get more insights into each item's sales and purchase trends, in simple steps.

Minimized Initial Investment


Multi-channel made easy with direct integrations

Stay on top of your inventory management with direct integrations to sales channels and marketplaces.



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Multi Channel Custom

Custom Integration

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What good inventory management software does

Explore how improving your stock management system could boost both your business efficiency and your profits.

Keeps you in charge of costs

A powerful inventory control system gives you the tools and insights you need to take charge of your business spend, and streamline your company processes. By staying financially agile and keeping on top of costs, you’ll give your business the best chance of remaining profitable in a fast-paced and sometimes volatile operating environment.

Helps you get stock control right

Understanding your customers’ behavioural patterns and other factors that affect your sales is crucial to getting your inventory right. With stock management software you’ll have easy access to live data and comprehensive, automated reports, empowering you to make better decisions about both stock quantities and product pricing.

Saves you time on purchasing

Save time and manpower by using an inventory management system that automates your purchasing processes. Let the software run many of the key elements for you – like restocking and recording all purchase orders – generating detailed, accurate data that can help you shape your strategy going forward.

Inventory Management Software for QuickBooks, Focused on Growth, Insight, and Scalability,
That Your Business Needs

Stick with QuickBooks Grow with GOIS

A power-packed combination for better inventory, order & business management.

Using QuickBooks With GOIS

Our QuickBooks accounting integration at GOIS directly integrates with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. Our software can easily track your company’s inventory across multiple locations and warehouses, serial numbers and lot numbers. When you use our system for inventory management with QuickBooks, you can eliminate costly errors and run your operations faster, lowering your costs and improving the accuracy of your inventory.

GOIS synchronizes with QuickBooks to automate accounting, manage multiple warehouses, currencies, eCommerce channels, and more.

Users have the ability to authenticate and synchronize the following:

  • Inventory items
  • Purchase bills
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Sales invoices
  • Asset Valuation
Minimized Initial Investment
Minimized Initial Investment

Grow your store and save time with a Shopify Inventory Software

Managing inventory for your Shopify store can be tricky, especially when you’re growing fast. Different types of stock and custom orders make inventory management software more relevant than ever when planning for growth.

  • Sync your inventory data with hundreds of e-commerce, shipping, accounting, and reporting platforms
  • Avoid stockouts with live tracking for your raw materials and finished goods

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