Track inventory across construction sites and project locations as well as centralized stores. Effectively track materials consumed at project sites and any surpluses that can be transferred to other projects

The MetaOption GOIS and its modules upgraded the material management process at AllWeather Contractors – Construction Services Group. With a user-friendly catalogue capability, requestor & approver checkpoints and robust back-office support functionality, GOIS is the necessary flexible inventory tool that keeps pace in the construction environment.

The MetaOption team delivers textbook customer service and high-quality resolutions with impressive lead times. GOIS is an intuitive software with helpful how-to resources and straightforward functionality, great for getting things operational ASAP. The Construction Services Group is very thankful for all MetaOption does to support us with GOIS and modules, and looking forward to more in the future !

Philip O.
AllWeather Contractors
Division 40 – Construction Services Group

GOIS inventory management software includes a robust set of features that are ideal for construction firms, contractors, and service providers of all sizes. Our simple and visual system allows you to easily track your inventory and any of its details such as location, price, quantity, and so on for a more intuitive (and less frustrating) way to stay on top-of-the-line resources to stay competitive. Construction companies must have the proper tools for the job. Don’t let outdated filing systems or mismanaged assets bring your company to a halt.

Goods Order Inventory Management Software keeps your machines and crews running. It will benefit your business in the following areas.

  • Complete your jobs on time knowing you have required inventory on hand
  • Properly charge jobs and work orders with the most recent costs
  • Track latest supplier costs against each inventory item
  • Search and locate inventory on hand in multiple warehouses
Minimized Initial Investment

Construction Inventory Management Made Easy

Minimized Initial Investment

Inventory Tracking System

Optimize stock levels and avoid unnecessary costs with inventory management systems.

  • Keep track of minimum and maximum levels, stocking levels by warehouse/truck, and inventory counts.
  • Easily create the bill of materials and assemblies/kits.
  • Automatically create purchase orders based on minimum and maximum stock levels.

Efficient Barcoding & Warehouse Management

Businesses with a warehouse and no centralized warehouse management system can quickly become a time and money vacuum. Keeping warehouse operations running smoothly is a priority for success. With barcoding and mobile tools, things that used to take hours or even days, like inventory counting, become expedited. With a barcoding & warehouse management, easily monitor, transfer and sell inventory while walking through the warehouse or even from a different location.

  • Barcoding & warehouse management means
  • Quick inventory counts (simply scan barcodes)
  • Easily verify inventory counts
  • Easily adjust quantities
  • Swift warehouse transfers
  • Rapidly locate & trace entire inventory, regardless of location
  • Increased consistency
  • Significant error reduction
  • Efficient order fulfilment
Minimized Initial Investment
Minimized Initial Investment

Robust Cost Management System

As the world rapidly changes, granddaddy industries like construction where many small businesses still rely on paper and pencil, have to adapt to keep up in a technology driven world. Keeping up means reducing costs, risks, and overhead while becoming more flexible with pricing and fiscally aware of any and all transactions taking place. With a cost management system, controlling prices, offering discounts or wholesale pricing, and reducing dead inventory becomes significantly easier.

  • Provides flexible & reliable valuations
  • Determines the average cost of inventory on hand
  • Enables on-hand inventory to be valued at standard cost est. for product (may be changed)
  • Provides specific-identity costing for lot or serialized products
  • Calculates landed cost (Product Cost + Shipping + Customs + Risk + Overhead)
  • Accounts for added & management costs
  • Accounts for vendor costs

Powerful Purchasing Management tools

Product procurement is much easier when a streamlined purchasing management system is put in place. Purchasing, receiving and payment processes no longer take a significant chunk out of the day, but become mostly one-click solutions. With purchasing management, purchasing managers gain visibility into vendors, easily monitoring performance, quality and accuracy.

  • Streamlines purchasing processes
  • Ensures having the proper inventory at the least investment
  • Stops unauthorized purchases
  • Increases vendor accuracy
  • Allows monitoring of vendor performance
  • Provides spend management & budget control
  • Enables easily spotting of savings
Minimized Initial Investment
Minimized Initial Investment

Comprehensive Reporting

See your stocking levels and make adjustments to suit your timeline.

  • Full visibility and accuracy ensure correct materials are on hand to keep jobs and work orders from falling behind or held up.
  • See what you have on-hand and on order by warehouse/truck.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics help you stay informed and make decisions based on facts.
  • Customize reports based on your unique business needs.

Connect to your customers’ site equipment

Easily communicate with third-party software for accurate and efficient inventory management.

  • Update the necessary materials, along with the estimated and actual costs
  • Create a purchase order for all of the materials and equipment that you need to order.
  • Automatically update the material requirement and add the stock
  • No more manually updating your inventory items and pricing.
Minimized Initial Investment

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