Manufacturing Inventory Management Solutions

Effective inventory management is essential for streamlining processes, cutting costs, and increasing productivity in the dynamic industrial sector. Manufacturers can watch inventory movements, keep an eye on ideal stock levels, and obtain insightful information about their supply chain operations with the help of an efficient inventory management system.

Purchase Order (PO) Management

GOIS facilitates seamless Purchase Order (PO) management, allowing manufacturers to create, track, and manage purchase orders efficiently. Users can streamline the PO receiving process, ensuring timely procurement of materials and minimizing supply chain disruptions.

Automated PO Creation Based on Min/Max Levels

Automating the creation of purchase orders ensures that stock levels are maintained without manual intervention. Our solution allows you to set minimum and maximum inventory levels for each product. When inventory levels fall below the minimum threshold, the system automatically generates a PO to replenish stock. It also suggests suppliers based on historical data and preferred supplier settings, optimizing the procurement process.

PO Approvals

Streamlining the PO approval process is critical for maintaining accountability and compliance. GOIS offers robust PO approval workflows, allowing designated stakeholders to review, authorize, and track purchase orders seamlessly.

PO Invoices

Efficient management of PO invoices is vital for accurate financial tracking and reconciliation. GOIS simplifies PO invoice management, enabling manufacturers to reconcile invoices with purchase orders effortlessly and streamline the accounts payable process.

Min/Max Inventory Levels

Maintaining optimal inventory levels is essential for avoiding stockouts and excess inventory costs. GOIS enables manufacturers to set minimum and maximum inventory thresholds, triggering automatic replenishment and ensuring adequate stock levels.

Minimized Initial Investment
Minimized Initial Investment

BIN Tracking

GOIS provides comprehensive BIN (Location) tracking capabilities, allowing manufacturers to monitor inventory movements across multiple storage locations accurately. This feature enhances inventory visibility and facilitates efficient warehouse management.

Inventory Management

From raw materials to finished goods, GOIS offers end-to-end inventory management capabilities, enabling manufacturers to track inventory levels, monitor stock movements, and optimize inventory turnover.

Product Catalog

GOIS includes a centralized product catalog, allowing manufacturers to organize and manage their product data efficiently. Users can easily add new products, update existing information, and categorize products based on various attributes.

Multiple Locations

Our solution supports managing inventory across multiple locations, such as stockrooms, labs, and operations centers. You can track inventory levels specific to each location, facilitating easy transfer of inventory between locations and generating location-specific reports for better insights and decision-making.

Multiple User Access

Multiple-user access allows various users within the organization to access the inventory management system based on their roles and permissions. It supports collaboration and ensures that the right people have access to the information and functionalities they need.

Receiving to Check Out

GOIS streamlines the entire inventory management workflow, from receiving goods into the warehouse to checking out products for shipment. This end-to-end visibility enhances operational efficiency and reduces processing times.

PutAway / Transfer

The PutAway and Transfer functionalities in GOIS enable manufacturers to efficiently organize and relocate inventory within their facilities. Users can easily designate storage locations, initiate transfers, and track inventory movements in real-time.

Minimized Initial Investment
Minimized Initial Investment

Multiple Tier Pricing

GOIS supports multiple tier pricing structures, allowing manufacturers to define different pricing levels based on customer segments, quantity discounts, or promotional offers. This flexibility enables targeted pricing strategies and enhances competitiveness in the market.

Sales Insights and Reporting

GOIS provides comprehensive sales insights and reporting capabilities, empowering manufacturers to analyze sales performance, track trends, and identify growth opportunities. Customizable reports and dashboards offer valuable insights into customer behavior, product performance, and revenue streams.

Minimized Initial Investment


Efficient payment management is essential for maintaining healthy cash flow and financial stability. GOIS facilitates seamless payment processing, enabling manufacturers to track payments, reconcile invoices, and manage accounts receivable efficiently.

Barcode Scanning and Label Printing

GOIS supports barcode scanning and label printing functionalities, streamlining inventory management tasks and enhancing accuracy in data capture. Manufacturers can quickly scan barcodes to update inventory records, track stock movements, and generate labels for efficient product identification.

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