Today, most businesses conduct sales through a variety of sales portals and require multi-channel inventory management to keep each outlet’s information in order. These outlets can include an online store, Amazon, various warehouses, distributors, and retail locations, etc. When orders come in from many entry points, each must be tracked and updated with accurate inventory and pricing information while communicating product and customer information to the backend of the business.

For the consumer, having multi-platform inventory management in place is seamless and, when done properly, the business looks the same no matter where the sale takes place. All the work takes place on the back end, tying the information together to other departments to ensure an order placed is sent for production, fulfilment and shipping which updates inventory counts, costs, and customer purchase information all while the customer is completely unaware of the processes.

Goods Order Inventory allows you to list products across various channels, synchronize inventory across all channels, manage orders, ship orders, track inventory across various warehouses, track inbound inventory, outbound inventory, reserved inventory, generate analytical reports and provides ability to manage campaigns to boost sales and increase ROI.

Minimized Initial Investment

Increase your sales with
multi-channel strategy

Save Inventory Cost

Goods Order Inventory ready integrations with eCommerce marketplaces and storefronts allows you to list your inventory across sales channels without having to keep a separate reserve for each channel. This frees the working capital previously tied to reserving inventory channel-wise.

Expand your Business Across Channels

Increase your brand visibility on multiple sales channels, while leaving all the backend operations like order-fulfillment and accounting integration on us. Sell faster across existing channels, and easily integrate with the new ones.

Drive Customer Loyalty

Offer your customers a seamless buying experience across channels with faster deliveries, live order tracking updates. This is a great way to win the trust of your new customer, improve brand perception, and thereby ensuring repeat purchases.

Integrate your channels

GOIS provides seamless integration with all the major marketplaces like Amazon and web stores like Shopify and more. It allows you to save the time required in handling your day-to-day operational tasks so that you can focus on increasing your sales.

Minimized Initial Investment
Minimized Initial Investment

Real-time Multi-Channel Inventory Management Software

With real-time inventory updates, GOIS provides a centralized multi-channel inventory management software for all the sales channels. It helps avoid overselling and stock-outs with automatic stock adjustments as sales orders are received in GOIS.

Strong Inventory Analytics

Inventory management can be a complex process for multi-channel sellers. GOIS provides sellers with comprehensive reports to help identify the stock status for multiple inventory items, best-selling products, and devise a well-informed inventory purchase plan to ease out the process.

Minimized Initial Investment
Minimized Initial Investment

Easy Reconciliation

Each sales channel has its data formats and reconciliation complexities. With GOIS you can automate the reconciliation process, and track channel payments, track marketplace deductions, and manage unsettled claims and returned orders across channels seamlessly from a single dashboard.

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