Wholesale inventory management can be complex and is one of the biggest challenges of running a wholesale business. If there are issues with inventory counts, lost or damaged inventory, problems like overstocking and shortages might bring the entire supply chain to a halt.

GOIS will help you eliminate those problems by knowing what’s in your stock at all times, balancing stock levels, avoiding shortages, reducing carrying costs, and much more

Diversify Your Business with Wholesale

Connect your inventory from wholesale, e-commerce, and storefront sales channels, along with automating complicated fulfillment processes.

Multi-channel inventory management

Centralise management of inventory across ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, and brick-and-mortar stores to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Barcode driven receipting, pick & pack

Improve accuracy and efficiency with barcode receipting, pick and pack. In Maropost Commerce Cloud, products support all common barcode types (Barcode, UPC, EAN, ISBN).

Flexible inventory cycle counting

Streamline your stocktaking and improve accuracy throughout the year with the ability to count parts of your inventory, at any time, without having to do an entire stock take.

Simplify Your Business with Wholesale
Inventory Management

GOIS not only has the features you need to effectively run in-store and online but will simplify your business as you expand to wholesale. GOIS connects your inventory for all your sales channels and locations, including your POS system, online ordering, wholesale website, and warehouse.

Manage Inventory

Powerful tools allow you to effectively control inventory levels, recording inventory movements and adjustments in real time. Recording of product received, order picking, and transfers mean that you know which products are being stocked and the quantity available at any given time. Inventory is tracked across multiple warehouses while using the mobile scanner to easily record counts and know product availability like never before.

  • Optimize your inventory management with greater visibility of your business performance.
  • Track and trace your stock on item level, so nothing goes missing.
  • Decrease your costs and improve your efficiency by removing the barriers of out-of-date systems.
  • Increase in productivity and profitability
Minimized Initial Investment
Minimized Initial Investment

Real-time Reporting

  • True costs of orders allowing you to make informed key business decisions using reliable fact-based data.
  • Accurate forecasting reduces costs and inventory levels along with reducing fulfilment errors and avoiding stock outs.
  • Improved access to information ensures you can effectively manage inventory levels and orders in real time.
  • Increased efficiency and decreased costs by reducing manual processes and input errors.

Sales Order Management

Advanced Inventory & Order Routing Engine for a single view of inventory across channels:

Inventory Allocation

Configure the inventory allocation rules for each step of the sales process. Create warnings when inventory is over-allocated or unavailable.


Track goods ordered by your customer even when you are out of stock

Minimized Initial Investment
Minimized Initial Investment

Multi locations software fit for your retail business

Use a wide range of variables and filters to understand what is happening in a specific store or groups of stores such as by region, state, or territory, at any time. Identify problem areas that require immediate action or opportunities for growth.

Manage inventory levels, view open PO’s and quantity on-hand across all stores, and transfer products to other stores where they sell best.

Centrally manage promo prices and products, stock levels, tax rates, customers, employees, and reporting across all your stores, and warehouses painlessly.

Benefits of Inventory Management System with Barcode Scanning

No matter the business you’re in, you most likely have inventory that has to be managed. Whether you have items for sale, raw materials, finished products, tools, parts supplies, etc., barcode inventory management comes with lucrative benefits.

Scan your barcodes and generate a sales order or fulfil a packing list.

Goods Order Inventory will help you to easily identify the product in your barcode inventory system and create a sales order or packing list for this product with just a couple of clicks.

Use the barcoding technology to receive incoming shipments.

With our barcoding inventory software, you can also use barcodes in inbound processes, such as purchase orders and shipments. Scan a barcode label of the product, and the barcode inventory system will fetch a shipment for this product.

Track inventory across multiple locations.

Goods Order Inventory supports multiple inventory locations. Therefore, you can use our barcode scanning software to track your inventory levels at several locations and speed up such processes as transferring the items between locations.

Generate custom barcodes for your products.

As barcode generating software, Goods Order Inventory will help you generate any type of barcodes that you need. When new incoming stock arrives at the warehouse, you can print out the barcode labels and add their other information, such as location and SKU.

Use the existing barcodes of your products.

If your products already have barcode labels, then it would be even easier for you to use our barcoding inventory feature. Add your inventory items to the barcoding systems and count them quickly and painlessly. Remember that Goods Order Inventory supports all types of barcodes and scanners.

POS App Modules and Inventory Features that make your
Business more Productive and Profitable

Minimized Initial Investment

Easily manage inventory across channels

Stock by variant

Create multiple variants of your products based on size, colour, material and more. Assign unique SKUs to each variant and track their stock levels.

Unlimited products

With GOIS, there are no limits on the number of products or services you can add. Your system is optimized to handle large amounts of inventory.

Unique Serial Numbers

Identify inventory with unique serial numbers in any of your locations from a single search

Barcodes Scanning

Use barcodes for products including separate barcodes for product variants. Barcodes are also included on receipts so that you can find orders easily.


Multi-channel made easy with direct integrations

Stay on top of your inventory management with direct integrations to sales channels and marketplaces.

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