General Questions and Product Suitability
  • For which industries does GOIS work best?
  • Is GOIS suitable if I am a wholesaler, distributor or owner of an export/import company?
    That’s our core business! GOIS was built for SMBs in the B2B sector who purchase products from suppliers, stock them and resale them to other businesses, frequently retailers.
  • Is GOIS Suitable if I am an eCommerce business?
    GOIS works with Shopify, an eCommerce solution that lets you create online store. Thanks to this integration, pursuing a successful multichannel strategy is easier. It is essential to have your data centralized and updated in real time, as well as to be able to track your orders, returns and deliveries in one place.
  • Is GOIS suitable if I am a maker or manufacturer?
    With GOIS you can combine multiple items or components to create an assembly or a unit (for example, a bike is made of 2 wheels, a fork, a seat, a chain…). However, GOIS doesn’t support production processes such as job costing, work in progress or wastage expense.
  • Is GOIS suitable if I am a Dentist?
    Yes. GOIS allows you to track all your dental practice related supplies and any of their details for a more intuitive way to keep track your inventory across multiple locations.
  • Is GOIS suitable if I rent materials?
    GOIS doesn’t at present help the necessities of organizations leasing out equipment. We will consider adding scheduling / returns features if we receive many requests.
  • Is GOIS suitable if I am a Contractor?
    GOIS considers numerous contractors among its clients, especially in the construction or home design area. They use GOIS to manage their supplies, create estimates, invoices and include labour / services. GOIS causes them modernize their business by offering clear and expert archives for their clients, and by decreasing the quantity of mistakes made.
  • Is GOIS suitable if I am a restaurant owner?
    Shockingly, GOIS is not the best fit for restaurant owners.
Inventory and Order Management Software Benefits
  • Why an online inventory management solution is better than using spreadsheets?
  • Why should I use an inventory and order management software?
    Thanks to its automation and synchronization in real time, an inventory and order management solution helps you: boost your sales, save time, avoid making mistakes, improve your team collaboration, be more competitive and productive and, of course, improve customer satisfaction.
  • Why should I use an inventory and order management software rather than an ERP?
    Most ERPs have an enormous set of features which extent a long way beyond inventory and order management. ERPs unites all the services of an organization. They are often expensive to acquire, setup and maintain.
    Thus, they are generally a way too complex for SMBs and they are not as flexible as an online solution.
  • How hard is to switch from spreadsheets to an online tool?
    It is very simple. All data can easily be imported.
  • How can GOIS help my business?
    An inventory and order management software like erplain will boost your business and competitiveness by automating processes and giving you a better overview of your business in real time
    With GOIS, you will:
    • Save time, drive efficiencies
    • Improve consumer loyalty
    • Improve collaboration with your team
    • Avoid costly inventory mistakes
Integration partners: QuickBooks Online and Shopify
  • Can I connect GOIS to my QuickBooks Online account?
  • Why should I sync GOIS and QuickBooks Online ?
    Streamline your inventory and purchase processes: add powerful inventory and order management features to QuickBooks to manage and optimize your stock and purchases.
    Transform your quotes (estimates) into sales orders to reserve your stock and avoid selling inventory already allocated to a customer.
    Data synchronisation between GOIS and QuickBooks Online is easy and quick: your products, customers, suppliers, quotes, invoices and purchase orders are synchronised in real time. Importing your data from QuickBooks Online to GOIS only takes a couple of minutes.
  • Does GOIS work with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop?
    GOIS integrates with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop to bring extra inventory and order management features that are inadequate in the Online version (batch tracking, serial number, multiple stock locations, multiple value levels.
  • Can I Connect my e-commerce website to GOIS?
    GOIS integrates consistently with Shopify, the main cloud-based e-commerce solution. Hence, you can connect your online store built with Shopify to GOIS. Information will sync between the two solutions and you’ll be able to manage your inventory from one place, letting you developing a multi-channel strategy that includes several warehouses and sales locations.
  • Can I connect QuickBooks, Shopify and GOIS at the same time?
    Absolutely! This feature was long-awaited by some of our customers and it is now available. Your data (products, customers and suppliers), stock levels, sales and purchase documents sync in real time between the 3 softwares.
  • What type of API are being exposed by GOIS ?
  • What is the purpose of API in GOIS?
    GOIS is exposed to verities of API endpoints for the effortless integration with web and device applications.
  • What do the REST APIs allow me to do?
    The REST APIs let you work programmatically using any development environment to consume various features and functions that are available in GOIS system.
  • What type of security does GOIS use while communication?
    GOIS uses token-based communication using HTTPS protocol. This token is being used to provide authentication and authorization which is necessary to allow client applications to call APIs that they are subscribed to.
  • How do I reset my application client secret?
    Your application client secret is stored encrypted so we cannot retrieve the unencrypted version to tell you the value if you forget it. You can reset it, which will update the stored value and return the new value to you.
  • What is the scalability of the API?
    GOIS have created a scalable API solution over well designed architecture along with high configuration sever to support both vertical and horizontal scale.
Account creation
  • What do I need to run GOIS?
  • How much does GOIS Cost?
    Goods Order Inventory offers a customized plan which ranges between $50 – $500+ based on customer business requirements and various parameters like Users, Warehouses/Locations, Sales Orders per month, Purchase Orders per month, Customers, Vendors, EDI Integrations, and additional configurations / enhancements.
    See our pricing here: Pricing Link
    We have customized plan for each client. Contact your Rep to get the price quote.
  • Do I get a trial period?
    No trial period is offered.
  • Are there any fees to get started?
    No way! None of our plans contain any hidden setup fees. Everything is included in your plan.
  • Are there any discount?
    Yes there are! If you choose a yearly plan, you will save 10% just for paying up front. You can switch from a monthly plan to yearly payment at any time to get 10% off.
  • Can I switch between plans?
    Yes, it is fantastically easy to upgrade or downgrade your plan, anytime you need to.
  • What if I want to cancel my account?
    We’d be tragic to see you leave but we’re all about opportunity at GOIS, so we let you cancel or suspend your account at any time. If you decide to drop and erase your account, all your data will be removed from our servers, but you can export your data into spreadsheet-compatible formats on your way out.
  • Can I have additional users?
    Completely! You already have 1 or more users included in your subscription (depending on your subscription). You can add as many users as you need. Each additional user will be charged based on your subscription.
    Completely! You already have 1 or more users included in your subscription (depending on your subscription). You can add as many users as you need. Each additional user will be charged based on your subscription.
    See our pricing and available plans here: Pricing Link
  • How does the order limit work?
    An order is a transaction with a customer (Estimate, Sales Order or Invoice) or a supplier (Purchase Order). Additional orders are charged $25/month in increments of 500 orders.
First Steps
  • Do I need to be an expert in IT to setup and use GOIS?
  • What support and training do I get with GOIS?
    All our plans include FREE support. You can reach our support team through our support ticket system or by phone (appointment required). Our product team has also developed a comprehensive help center to guide you in setting up and using comprehensive help center to guide you in setting up and using
  • How do I create my first products?
    Create products is easy and it is necessary to generate a quote, sales order, invoice or purchase order. Thanks to GOIS’s intuitive interface, it is fast and simple to create a product and its variants if there are any (sizes, colors, materials).
    You can also easily import an existing product list to GOIS with the help of a CSV file.
GOIS features
  • What are GOIS features?
  • How does GOIS help improving products availability?
    When you create a new sales order (or generate your sales order from a quote), GOIS will automatically reserve these products and the available stock level will be decreased. No more inventory mistakes like selling the same product multiple times and avoid customer satisfaction issues.
    For each product, set a reorder point to restock before your product is out-of-stock.
  • Does GOIS support multiple stock locations or warehouse?
    Yes, you can track your stock and sales from multiple warehouses or locations. Create stock entries and stock removals in each of them and move stock from one location to another.
  • Does GOIS support batch/lot tracking?
    Absolutely! Trace your products along the distribution chain using batch numbers (or lot numbers).
  • Does GOIS support barcodes?
    Yes, it does. Scan your product barcodes to add them directly into your sales or purchase documents.
  • Can I export my data from GOIS?
    Definitely! As a reminder, your data in GOIS is your own and you can export any time. Exporting your data is also helpful to perform additional data analysis that GOIS reports might not offer, or to share data with stakeholders or another app.
    Export generates CSV files that can be opened in Excel or Google Sheets for example.
  • Can I setup permissions and restrict access to users in GOIS?
    Yes, select which permissions to give to each user. You can restrict access and grant access to certain types of data only.

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