A Smart POS and Inventory Management Solution
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Every business is different. To achieve your goals, you’ll need the right POS and Inventory Management software that fits your needs and adjusts to any changes.

Fully Featured Solution

Goods Order Inventory POS systems come with many built-in features so you can set up your business right away and make it available to your whole team.

Accessible From Anywhere

Goods Order Inventory POS system and software syncs with the cloud, so you can track your sales, refunds, deposits, and reports, wherever you are or need to be.

Completely Customizable

Tailor your POS system to your needs today so it can scale with your business tomorrow. Expand as you grow with devices, apps, and accessories.

Integrated Sales Reporting

Use real-time and trending sales data to track your business’s performance via customizable reports that you control in your Goods Order Inventory dashboard.

POS App Modules and Inventory Features that make your
Business more Productive and Profitable

Minimized Initial Investment

Easily manage inventory across channels

Stock by variant

Create multiple variants of your products based on size, colour, material and more. Assign unique SKUs to each variant and track their stock levels.

Unlimited products

With GOIS, there are no limits on the number of products or services you can add. Your system is optimized to handle large amounts of inventory.

Unique Serial Numbers

Identify inventory with unique serial numbers in any of your locations from a single search

Barcodes Scanning

Use barcodes for products including separate barcodes for product variants. Barcodes are also included on receipts so that you can find orders easily.

Multi-Store Management

Access your reports from a cell phone, tablet or PC whenever, anywhere.

  • Centrally manage products, stock levels, prices, customers, employees, and reporting across multiple stores, and warehouses painlessly.
  • Manage inventory levels and pull up item lookup across all stores, and transfer products to other stores where they sell best.
  • Use a wide range of variables and filters to understand what is happening across all store locations, at any time. Identify problem areas that require immediate action or opportunities for growth.
Minimized Initial Investment
Minimized Initial Investment

Easy Product Management

Product Bundles

Create composite product bundles using your existing products. You could use it to create combo deals or even hampers.

Bulk import, export and even edit!

The export and import wizard, lets you add, update, and count thousands of inventory items at once. Easily apply important updates such as price and other product information changes without any delays.

Multiple stock locations

GOIS is a multi-store POS, central inventory management system and lets you track your stock by store. You can even decide to track your online store inventory separately or tune it with your physical store. Ultimately it works with your existing process and helps you improve it with automation.

Manage your orders

A wide range of data points help restaurateurs build reporting dashboards to ensure order accuracy, detect variations, and negotiate better prices with vendors.

  • Use GOIS’s Suggested Ordering to optimize stock levels and order costs based on real-time sales forecasts
  • Receive display warnings if an entered order quantity is noticeably higher or lower than the normal amount ordered
  • Easily reorder when items dip below your periodic automatic replenishment (PAR) level
  • Ensure all orders are accurate by managing variances between ordered and received items
Minimized Initial Investment


Multi-channel made easy with direct integrations

Stay on top of your inventory management with direct integrations to sales channels and marketplaces.

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Custom Integration

Custom Integration

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