Inventory Management Solution That Fits All Medical Practices

Automate your medical product intelligence and inventory management process.

When it Comes to Medical Equipment, Efficiency is Everything

Inventory Management has a vital role in the Healthcare Industry, especially when people’s lives are at stake. The Inventory Management Software lets you know the detail information on medicines batches & stock. It is also very useful in maintaining the doctor’s equipment.

It provides this visibility plus a simple and productive way to replenish inventory using phones or Barcode scanners.

  • Optimize stockroom inventory levels
  • Avoid ordering “just-in-case” inventory
  • Take cash out of stockroom inventory
  • Eliminate stockouts

Overall, it takes care of your inventory, purchases, sales orders, payments, etc. It protects your company from potential damage. Inventory management is important for every business type whether a medical company or any medical store.

Optimize Stockroom Inventory
Clinic Administration

What difficulties are faced by Hospital or Clinic administration?

  • Shortage of Pharmaceuticals
  • Loss or Theft of Surgical Equipment
  • Loss or Theft of Pharmaceuticals
  • Overstock of Pharmaceuticals
  • Tracking Expiry date of Pharmaceuticals
  • Sorting Medicines
  • Generating Bills
  • Creating Sales Reports
  • Saving Medical device from getting stolen

How Goods Order Inventory Management helps in overcoming the challenges?

It informs which pharmaceuticals are less in stock, how much available in stock. It keeps tracks of all the medicines so it can also assist you in managing medicines also alerts you when the expiry of medicine is coming.

When it keeps tracking your assets efficiently then there is no fear of theft and stolen assets (Surgical Equipment, Medicines & Medical devices). It also informs you about the condition of the surgical equipment for its maintenance.

The hospitals have implantable medical devices such as surgical clips, which are costly but small in size. It means that they can be stolen easily. But these medical devices have a serial number through which you can track its movement, with the inventory management system. Until it is utilized for the patient.

Goods Order Inventory Management Helps

The Simple Way to Track Medical Inventory

Built to fit into your workflows, not the other way around

Real-time Visibility

Gain real-time inventory visibility into stockrooms

Mobile Enabled

Use iPhones, Androids and tablets to access real-time inventory information anytime from anywhere

Take Cash Out

Reduce inventory levels and cash-in-inventory by up to 73%

Cut Costs

Reduce procurement costs by up to 90% by eliminating PO paperwork/calls/faxes

Consign Inventory

Use a consigned inventory model with your medical supply distributor and track it easily with Goods Order Inventory

Reduce Stockouts

Reduce or eliminate stockouts without having to order “just-in-time” inventory


Use our powerful analytics to optimize your inventory

Get Reports

Get 60+ standard and customizable reports to pinpoint any transaction

Improve Accuracy

Capture inventory usage to increase accuracy of on-hand inventory requirements. No more paperwork errors.

Easy Integration

Integrate seamlessly with any other enterprise solutions

Cloud Software

Gain anytime, anywhere access with zero IT footprint

Track Usage

Track usage across stockrooms in a simple, accurate way

Prevent over-stock and stock-outs in hospital storerooms

Goods Order Inventory is medical inventory management software that helps lower your inventory carrying costs and procurement costs by automating the order process. Using an iPhone, barcode scanner, you can monitor consumption and replenish based on actual usage. No more “just in case” inventory. No more building extra storerooms.

Over-stock and Stock-outs
expired inventory

Track and minimize expired inventory

Expired inventory is an unnecessary expense. Goods Order Inventory optimizes medical supply inventory management. It will alert the inventory manager, based on his/her settings, when a Lot# will expire to make sure the stockroom doesn’t run out of usable product. With GOIS ability to calculate minimum and maximum levels based on consumption, expired inventory is minimized as GOIS learns the organization’s consumption patterns and makes recommendations that optimize inventory levels.

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