Boost Efficiency with GOIS Purchasing & Supplier

The GOIS Purchasing & Supplier feature is everything you should successfully and effectively manage with your entire supply network from acquiring quotations of products to be provided directly through to electronic settlement of payments.

Automated purchasing through a range of customizable requirements, demand and verifiable usage analysis reports with ideal and error-free procurement and guarantee that you only purchase what really want, when you really want it and from the best suppliers.

Minimized Initial Investment

Key Benefits of
Purchase Management

Improved Quality

Reduce the cost of quality by gaining insights into quality issues and vendor performance metrics.

Increased Cash Flow

Improve cash flow by timing purchases based on usage.

Workflow Automation

Reduce purchasing costs by automating procurement workflow and reducing paperwork.

Improved Compliance

Improve compliance by tracking performance metrics and procuring from approved suppliers.

Better Collaboration

Collaborate with suppliers by providing self-service capabilities and just-in-time purchasing.

Inventory Visibility

Improve inventory management with end-to-end visibility of inventory and traceability data.

Key Features of
Purchase Management

Purchase Orders

Create and maintain purchase order including blankets, and outside assembly purchases
Create Pos or blanket releases from MRP
Apply correct pricing from pricing files or last purchase data
Automate workflow by using approvals based on roles and spending limits
Email PO directly from ERP

Supplier Performance and Analytics

Gain insights from comprehensive metrics on supplier performance
Review supplier quality, on-time performance by various parameters like Item numbers, Item Type, and Vendor
Publish performance and dashboard data to users based on roles


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