Purchase Order Management Software

With our purchase order management software you can quickly create new orders, send them to suppliers,
and have inventory quantities adjusted as new items come in.

Track Shipments

Input tracking details and our system will filter the status of your purchase orders.

Smart Planning

Accurately calculate how often to reorder new products with an intuitive restock forecast report.

Streamlined Accounting

Export purchase orders once received to QuickBooks Online with just a click of a button.

Easily Create Purchase Orders

Establish custom alerts to notify you of low stock levels and create new purchase orders all within your Goods Order Inventory account.

  • Create new purchase orders from your low inventory notifications
  • Define quantity of items to reorder, choose a supplier, and specify discounts
  • Add the billing and shipping info, then email the order to your supplier

Receive Purchase Orders

Once your warehouse has received the shipment and marked it as complete, we’ll update the product quantity across all your integrated channels in near real-time.

  • Continue to update the order until you’ve received the total amount ordered
  • Audit any purchase orders that didn’t receive the full amount for accurate landed costs
  • Received a partial shipment? Mark products received and we’ll sync that portion to your channels

Track Average Landed Cost

Easily keep track of the total landed costs associated with each product in Goods Order Inventory.

  • Track the product price, the cost pay per case, shipping and handling fees, and sales tax
  • From your data, we calculate an average landed cost so you can price products effectively

Billing & Invoicing Solution

In addition, to purchase order management, our solution offers a comprehensive billing and invoicing module to
simplify your financial operations. Here are the key features:

Automated Invoicing

Our system automates the invoicing process, generating accurate and professional invoices based on the approved purchase orders. You can customize invoice templates, add relevant billing information, and automatically calculate taxes, discounts, and other charges.

Easy Payment Tracking

With our solution, you can effortlessly track and manage payments associated with your invoices. You can record payments received, view outstanding balances, and send reminders for overdue payments, improving cash flow management.

Integration with Accounting Systems

We understand the importance of seamless integration with your existing accounting systems. Our solution supports integration with popular accounting software, allowing you to synchronize purchase orders, invoices, and payment data, minimizing manual data entry and ensuring data accuracy.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Our reporting capabilities provide you with valuable insights into your purchasing and billing activities. You can generate customized reports, analyze spending patterns, monitor vendor performance, and make informed business decisions based on real-time data.


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