Build an Integration with Goods Order Inventory using our Third Party APIs

Goods Order Inventory allow you to integrate with complex API services. GOIS has integrations with over 40 applications, and we realize there many hundreds of other integrations you potentially would like to connect to Goods Order Inventory.

We give you the documentation and any technical assistance you’ll need to create custom integrations. Your custom integration will also benefit from the wealth of transaction and inventory data from our existing integrations with accounting, POS, eCommerce, and shipping software to allow you to build any app or automation you want.

Inventory Management API from Goods Order Inventory

Goods Order Inventory offers a versatile, powerful, and flexible API, and there are many API calls that are available at your disposal to create the perfect integration.

We strive to offer the most functionality possible to enhance our software as well as others.


Multi-channel made easy with direct integrations

Stay on top of your inventory management with direct integrations to sales channels and marketplaces.

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Custom Integration

Custom Integration

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Sales Channel Expansion

Want to sell on a marketplace or platform that we haven’t integrated with? Build integrations to more marketplaces with an easy-to-use open API.

  • Import sales order into ecomdash, sync product quantities, and update shipping details
  • Track products assigned different SKUs, Listing ID’s or UPCs, and recognizes each varying identifier as one product

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management eats up a lot of time for online sellers: transferring inventory between warehouses, fulfilling sales orders, and more. Our ecommerce API integration can communicate this information in near real-time to your warehouses, suppliers, or 3rd party fulfillment centers.

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