Goods Order Inventory allows sellers to pick, process and ship orders from Multiple locations. Increase efficiency and accuracy of your warehouse management practices and slash costs.

As your business grows, you may add more locations to handle your increased operations. However, managing stock across multiple warehouses can be a challenge for even the most meticulous of inventory managers, especially if their products have high inventory turnover. Cloud inventory systems with multi-warehouse inventory management support make keeping track of all of your inventory items across multiple locations convenient, quick, and effortless and enable a smooth running business.

Multi-Warehouse Inventory Management Features

Assign the Orders

Assign or process particular Order to ship from specific Warehouse

Stock Sync

Real-time stock sync happens across all the warehouses

Centralized Inventory Planning

Manage inventory centrally by analyzing demand location wise and maintaining stock levels accordingly

Connect physical stores

Connect Shopify POS to integrate sales and inventory from any number of physical stores to GOIS

Streamline your accounting

Sync inventory, sales and purchasing data from every channel directly into your Quickbooks Online or Quickbooks Desktop accounting software

Easily manage purchase orders

Create, manage and track all suppliers and purchase orders in one place. When new stock arrives, book it in quickly with the Mobile Barcode Scanner

View detailed performance reports

Run inventory, sales, and fulfillment reports over any given time period to gain invaluable insights and make more informed decisions

Run a cloud-based operation

Access GOIS’s cloud-based software from anywhere with an internet connection – via desktop, tablet or smartphone app

Multichannel Inventory Syncing

  • Sync inventory across multiple stores, marketplaces, and warehouses in real-time so you never oversell again. Make a sale anywhere and Good Order Inventory instantly updates your inventory levels everywhere.
  • Good Order Inventory keeps a centralized log of your inventory numbers that you can access from any internet browser. You can easily see the items totals kept at any warehouse location from anywhere.
  • You can manage every shipment that goes in or out of your warehouse through Good Order Inventory. Our software streamlines ordering, packing and shipping, so you can have a seamless transition from one step to the next. Good Order Inventory also gives you features that let you stay flexible, such as sending an order in multiple shipments or generating lot IDs.

Keep your warehouse operations simple, efficient and profitable through the powerful features available through Goods Order Inventory. Our cutting-edge inventory software gives you the tools needed to stay at the front of your competition.

Multi-location Stock Management
Integrating Across Multiple Marketplaces

Integrating Across Multiple Marketplaces

Selling items involves multiple forms of technology in the modern industry. In today’s world of eCommerce, customers use many channels to buy from their favorite businesses. Your business may also rely on more than one platform to stock, sell and ship your products. Integrations from Good Order Inventory let you leverage technology related to:

  • Selling: Customers browse websites such as eBay and Amazon to find products like yours. If you sell items on marketplace websites, Good Order Inventory can track your inventory across platforms, so your warehouse has accurate data.
  • Point-of-sale: Whether your customer finalizes their sale at the register or online shopping cart, Good Order Inventory can track it through your point-of-sale software. When you make a transaction through a platform like Square or Shopify, Good Order Inventory completes an automatic inventory update.
  • Shipping: If you use a fulfillment service to streamline your shipments, Good Order Inventory can make the process even simpler. Let Good Order Inventory update your inventory numbers as a platform like ShipStation or Shipping Easy processes an order.

With cross-platform and multi-warehouse support, Good Order Inventory lets you keep up in an industry that requires you to track multiple channels.

Receive and Pick Inventory Per Location

With multi-warehouse inventory management support, you can quickly decide which warehouse will receive in a PO shipment. For sales orders, you can decide which warehouse will be used to fulfill the order. For example, a business owner can decide to fulfill an order from California from the Reno warehouse and not the Pittsburgh warehouse due to proximity.

Receive and Pick Inventory Per Location
Manage Multiple Stock Locations With Ease

Manage Multiple Stock Locations With Ease

With the cloud software, you can move stock inventory between different locations, and track the departure and reception of each item in real time. The multi-warehouse inventory management capability make spontaneous stock transfers to prevent inventory level problems, the user interface makes logging the transactions very straightforward.

Alternatively, you can leverage mobile barcode scanners to make it easy to collect data and record stock item movement in the system within the warehouses.

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