“All Weather Contractors is a leading general contractor performing a variety of high quality residential and commercial construction services.”

Company Overview

All Weather Contractors is a leading general contractor performing a variety of high quality residential and commercial construction services. Our multifaceted full-service construction team is driven to provide services tailored to our client’s specific requirements, whether it is a multifamily preconstruction project or routine preventative maintenance.

As a result of reliably completing superior built construction projects, we consistently form long lasting relationships with valued clients. They are located at various locations like Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia.

Business Challenges

Recently, AllWeather Contractors noticed that it was difficult for them to manage and monitor their items as there were doing it via a manual process. The AllWeather Contractors, Construction Procurement Specialist started looking to find a solution related to this problem. Other issues were identified, such as Inventory tracking, product analysis, sales and purchase order tracking, Barcode system, Multiple Locations / Warehouse Stock Management, Serial Number Tracking, Inventory Forecasting, Reporting Tools, Transfers tracking between locations, Multiple Vendors, filter product and images, and tax Id that had to be satisfied. Additionally, the Construction Procurement Specialist has decided to bring a robust software package to address all these concerns.

Another challenge identified was the ease of use. The AllWeather Contractors explained, “it was difficult for them to manage and monitor their items as they have job sites across various locations. We want to teach our employees our market, customer expectations, and how to sell. We don’t want to have to use resources and lots of time in training how to use inventory software. They use to took a piece of paper around and wrote down everything, all the SKUs. That was managed, probably for way too long. They also ran into trouble with inventory organization. They said “Before Goods Order Inventory, we didn’t have a way to sync our inventory to our warehouse locations,” Construction Procurement Specialist said. We would usually adjust inventory levels manually and errors did happen every once in a while. Finally, perhaps the biggest challenge was cost. As they were familiar with many of the inventory management software systems used in the industry. They were costly, often costing a minimum of $20,000 before you got what you wanted. At this point in the AllWeather Contractors s history, that sort of expenditure was impractical.

Innovative Solution by Goods Order Inventory (GOIS)

The AllWeather Contractors identified the “Goods Order Inventory” as a potential solution. The fact that it would integrate with Sage, Procore was a strong advantage. In investigating the software, they were very impressed by the Goods Order Inventory reps with their proactive responsiveness. In the first call to Goods Order Inventory, the rep led the company through the Online presentation where they could see how the user interface worked. When they saw how easy it was to use, and how cost-effective the product would be, the decision-making process was considerably shortened.

Once the product was in hand and installed, they began the process of tracking their inventory. Detailed pre-planning had determined how they wanted inventory records coded.

Tracking Sales and Purchase Order:

The next step was customizing reports so that the company could predict sales turnover and improve the reordering process. With Goods Order Inventory reorder reports and auto-PO features, orders can be placed with the click of a mouse.

Some of the specific detail purchase orders like:

  • List of item buyer agrees to purchase
  • The number of items the buyer intends to purchase
  • The specific price of the items
  • The delivery date of the items

The tracing of purchasing and selling helps in simplifying the inventory so that stock is always in the correct quantity, place, and time, and at the right cost to produce a profit.

Multiple Locations / Warehouse Stock Management:

Integrating Multi-location and warehousing enabled AllWeather Contractors to maintain an accurate level of stock across their Job Sites, Truck, based selling and warehouses at any time.

A Goods Order Inventory (GOIS) mobile application system helped them to easily automate, streamlines, and provides enhanced visibility, reduces errors, enables cutting back on unnecessary manual labour, and boosts productivity and profitability.

With the help of a mobile multi-location warehouse stock management system they can accomplish the following:

  • Easily track inventory availability and warehouse location.
  • Minimize labour with mobile order picking an employee can scan product barcodes with quantities needed.
  • Perform easy inventory transfers
  • Perform speedy inventory counts
  • Easily adjust inventory quantities
  • Set alerts for pre-committed inventory
  • Create sales orders on-the-go with a mobile device
  • Easily receive orders into the warehouse
  • Boost order fulfilment

Real Time Field Inventory Management:

The Goods Order Inventory (GOIS) field inventory solution has made it easy for the AllWeather Contractors sales representatives visibility into materials and supplies from anywhere be it in a warehouse, or on a Van movement, combining barcode technology with cloud-based mobile software to provide an accurate level of stock.

  • It enables field representatives to effortlessly audit truck stock and consigned inventory with Barcode Scanning
  • Generate customize invoices for the products sold
  • Give their team the ability to request items or asset

Serial Number Tracking:

From the moment an item is received and its serial number is recorded in the system, it can be tracked until it is released. When a product is returned, its serial number in the system can be used for verification.

Inventory Forecasting:

To avoid having too much or too little stock, one has to decide how much to buy. This feature makes the decision process easier by forecasting how much your type and size of the company would need to purchase. Therefore, one makes the right decisions and protects their productivity and sales.

Reporting Tools:

Many reporting tools are used to develop inventory management systems’ order history, transaction reports, and total reports. When included in the inventory management software development, these tools let the user create a smooth workflow by providing information on a stock that needs re-ordering, is profitable, and more.

Price/ Cost List:

This feature allows you to pre-set price levels to items that you can easily quote to customers.

Barcode System:

Managing the inventory manually was very time-consuming and costly. The chance of human error in counting, remembering to reorder, or tracking products is high. So, Goods Order Inventory suggested them about the barcode system with the features through which they were able to get the following benefits:

  • Increased cost-effectiveness by simplifying processes
  • Increased efficiency and productivity by reduction of manual entry
  • Improved accuracy of inventory counts
  • Real-time reporting and more accurate data analysis
  • Streamlined reordering and purchasing processes
  • Improved loss security
  • The process can be made more adaptable and versatile Less reliance on paper

Item Catalog along with Image Size & Resolution Problem:

The old image Size & resolution workflow involved a lot of problem in image resizing and optimization. Therefore, the Goods Order Inventory technical team came with a new image & resolution workflow with the image real-time resizing of the image using parameters, with the entire high-resolution product image. File size of the image was a very rough way to determine the quality and image, for the better quality of the image the team decided to change the image resolution to 20MB that help understand the suitability of an image for its purpose.

Additional Filter Category for Products:

We have added additional Filter category and Product Image Components in Goods Order Inventory on the device which took their business to the next level and made it easier for the users to search the product through images for which they are looking in the system.

Transfers Inventory between locations:

As, they were facing issues in transferring inventory from one location to another Goods Order Inventory suggested them the Transfer Module which helped them to record movement of physical inventory items from one location to another without a sale or purchase being involved. They are completely optional, and can only be used when at least two inventory locations have been entered.


To run their business smoothly at Job Sites we provided them with GOIS apps that can be used by their field workers & admin users which can help their company to enhance their Inventory Tracking and Management.

  • G-Store

    It allows their field workers to create requisitions that specify which products are required and in what quantities. It also allows them to recommend a vendor from whom the products should be ordered.
  • Requisition

    Once the requisition is created by field worker, the requisition is displayed in the requisition app which can accessed by the admin users for the approval and notify them to reserve inventory they know they will need in the future. They can also select multiple vendor’s during the requisition and PO creation. Managing the internal purchase requests from inventory, sales and production is so simple with an intuitive interface that reduces manual entry and increases accurate requisitions. The Requisition module provides an efficient workflow that will track requisitions from beginning to end.
  • CheckOut

    The another need was of the Checkout app which reduced their time against the creation of PO’s and SO’s. It allows their user to Check Out the inventory against a Job or a specific location. This helps tracking of quantity usage against a particular Job or Location. A summary of usage (Costs + Quantity) is available in GOIS Web Application, and can be integrated with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Sage, Procore, Infor, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and NetSuite ERP platforms.

The Result

Since adding Goods Order Inventory, it has seen consistently positive inventory management and the software has proven to be even more robust than their previous inventory management solution. The software has allowed the company to gain important new customers, create efficiencies, improve profitability, and extend its reach. And no one can argue with double digit growth each year since implementing Goods Order Inventory without the need to add any additional personnel. Goods Order Inventory support has been extremely helpful and responsive when needed, and they continue to innovate with new versions.

With a Goods Order Inventory Management System:

  • Control an unlimited number of products
  • Monitor inventory in real-time in multiple locations
  • Assign one or several alternative product IDs, including SKU, vendor part numbers, UPC/GDSN, manufacturers’ part numbers, industry specific codes, etc
  • Easily search through inventory by product IDs or descriptions
  • Set alerts for low-stock
  • Receive automated suggested re-order amounts
  • Automate purchase orders
  • Track & trace inventory even after purchase

About Goods Order Inventory (GOIS)

Goods Order Inventory is a cloud-based inventory and order management system that centralizes all your business channels inventory management, order processing, barcode scanning, invoicing, tracking, and integration with popular platforms everything into one simple, easy-to-use piece of software. Goods Order Inventory integrates with different channels so you can do everything you need to run your business smarter and smoother from one single piece of software.

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