“How Retail Store for Home Appliances was easily able to Track Real Time Inventory, Automate Orders, Barcode Labels, Shopify Integration and others by using GOIS”

Company Overview

A well-known company with more than 40 years of experience is providing our private, government, commercial, and modern customers with a wide range of services. Their industry trained technicians and experts give customized services, replacements and installations for your ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and electronic appliances needs. They are highly specialized in

  • Air Conditioning
  • Refrigeration
  • Electronic Appliances – stove, microwaves, washers, and dryers
  • Water heaters

The main target of the company is to provide the customer with extraordinary Services, Products, Qualities, and Values with a target on the demand of the customers and create a good relationship. Their shop is featured with brands like Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, Maytag, Westinghouse etc. Therefore, you will also get high-quality service at a good amount.

The goal of the Company is to grant and sell out the products to the customers, which are essential for their Home Appliance. In addition, with that to maintain the sales and purchase records of the product of their online store. A beneficial inventory system, which can help to arrange the call for action and provides you choice level of inventory. With all these even-handed, they thought of an inventory management system that can help to support in keeping a track on the sales and purchase records. Therefore, they decided to start using Shopify for their record management

Business Challenges

The company customer-centric approach starts with a small team of young employees who are laser-focused on delivering customer happiness. When the company decided to revamp their website, they simultaneously took a fresh look at their operations. It was then that they seized the opportunity to create more efficiencies that would help them better achieve their prime directive.

One of the key challenges was inventory management. Orders weren’t making it through the process, causing order delays and backlogs. Even though the team was working fast and furiously to ensure customers were unaffected, the Operations department had difficulty reconciling online sales. Their small team spent valuable time locating products, processing orders, and printing labels. With over 80 SKUs, they needed a better way to achieve productivity at scale.

As part of the website redesign, the company decided to switch to eCommerce provider Shopify and also looking for an inventory management solution which can integrate with Shopify. It was during the development phase that they learned about Goods Order Inventory from Shopify, which recommended that GOIS’s integration capabilities would accurately sync orders and inventory between Shopify and GOIS.


After Shopify recommended Goods Order Inventory, the company set an aggressive deadline for launch with an internal mandate to ensure the process would not affect its customers. Almost all tracking and inventory management were manual, and their workflows were fragmented – all of which were not sustainable for their growing company. Specifically, the company was looking to create efficiencies in the following areas:

  • Image Size & Resolution Problem Workflow

    The old image Size & resolution workflow involved a lot of problem in image resizing and optimization. Therefore, the Goods Order Inventory technical team came with a new image & resolution workflow with the image real-time resizing of the image using parameters, with the entire high-resolution product image. File size of the image was a very rough way to determine the quality and image, for the better quality of the image the team decided to change the image resolution to 20MB that help understand the suitability of an image for its purpose.
  • Tracking Sales and Purchase Order

    The following stage was customizing reports so the organization could foresee sales turnover and improve the reordering process. With Goods Order Inventory reorder reports and auto-PO highlights, requests can be put with the snap of a mouse.
  • Barcode System

    The inventory physically was extremely tedious and expensive. The possibility of human error in checking, making sure to reorder, or tracking items is high. Therefore, Goods Order Inventory proposed them about the barcode system with the features through which they were able to get the following advantages:
    • Increased proficiency and profitability by decrease of manual entry
    • Improved accuracy of inventory counts
    • Increased cost-adequacy by improving on measures
    • Real-time reporting and more exact data analysis
    • Streamlined reordering and purchasing measures
    • Improved misfortune security
  • Real- time Inventory Management

    Goods Order Inventory (GOIS) ensured the company owner that they can keep a track of inventory in real-time which is a key to keeping their customers loyal and happy. As soon as an item purchased, the product is eliminated from the inventory. Similarly, an item appears in an inventory as soon as it is sourced and ready for shipment. Real-time inventory management also extends to tracking the inventory, as it enters the stock, leaves the stock, and at all stages of its movement until it reaches the customer. Benefits of Real Time Inventory Tracking:
    • It enhances the inventory network, keeps track of product movement, leading to overall efficiency in business.
    • Analysis your inventory in real-time features items that are in high demand, and also specific times of high demand, drilled down to the time of the day
    • They can Create customize invoices for the products sold.
    • Enable their team the ability to request items or assets.
  • Additional Category Field for product

    As per their requirement Goods order inventory (GOIS) added additional Category Field where they can easily define their products category, which made easier for their customer to search the products through category for which they are looking for.
  • Payment Mode

    Goods Order Inventory has given them a feature to receive the payment via different payment modes and to print the details in their invoices online. This helps faster and hassle-free receipt of payments and further automates their cash flow.
  • Two-way sync between GOIS and Shopify

    With E-commerce progressively channelling through in excess single online storefront, so the business owners were finding challenges with managing all their product information within the various marketplaces they use. The missing piece of the riddle for them was synchronization. Therefore, Goods Order Inventory provided them with the solution of two- way Synchronization where they can easily synchronize GOIS-Shopify and Vice Versa. It also helps them to grant their users the ability to update products and inventory levels across different online storefronts effectively makes for a bound together stock inventory system.

About Shopify

Shopify is a cloud-based, multi-channel eCommerce platform that offers a wide range of customizable features to open your own online store. With a comprehensive suite of services, including payments, marketing, shipping, and customer engagement tools, Shopify enables online retailers to simplify the process of running an online store for small merchants.

Benefits of Goods Order Inventory and Shopify Integration solution:

  • Our Shopify Inventory Management integration keeps an accurate count of all your products, across all other sales channels. We will uniquely map your stock-keeping units (SKUs) across Shopify.
  • Consolidates all orders from all channels for simplified order fulfilment & customer service management.
  • Manage your inventory across multiple shipping warehouses from Goods Order Inventory (GOIS).

About Goods Order Inventory (GOIS)

Goods Order Inventory is a cloud-based inventory and order management system that centralizes all your business channels-inventory management, order processing, barcode scanning, invoicing, tracking, and integration with popular platforms everything into one simple, easy-to-use piece of software. Goods Order Inventory integrates with different channels so you can do everything you need to run your business smarter and smoother from one single piece of software.

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