“How GOIS and EDI Integration has helped to improve their supply chain efficiencies by implementing an EDI solution that fully integrates with Goods Order Inventory Management System and provides seamless communication with their 3PL Logistics”

Company Overview

An organization with Spanish capital that works in the worldwide market for diet items. It is currently situated in Valladolid and has an office in Miami (United States).

A division created by the organization in 2015 responsible for building its own concept of fortified food or nutraceutical and functional products. From that point forward, it has specialized in the production of confectionery dietary supplements in different forms (gums, dragees, hard candy). And a macro project that in 2016 was upheld by the CDTI (Center for Technological Development and Industrial) of the former Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Competitiveness, thus giving visibility and acknowledgment to the stamped innovative nature of the company.

The three pillars on which this Organization works are as follows:

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Value

Vision: To be the reference brand for useful confectionery products in the Spanish market and one of the primary players around the world, both for the expertise and for variety and breadth of range, creating trust in a shopper who thinks minimal about the item.

Mission: Instruct families that it is conceivable to supplement in a liberal and responsible way, thanks to the concept of vitamins in the form of gum (gluten-free, gelatin-free…), as rigorous and effective as any other food supplement.

Values: Their Values are based on certain points that are as follows:

  • Experts in the production of confectionery and functional foods.
  • Experience in the more mature functional confectionery market.
  • Comprehensive with the consumer.
  • Clear and simple.
  • Scientifically rigorous.

New Project/Plant Setup

The organization is setting up its new plant in Valladolid, which occupies an area of 35,000 m 2, with an annual production capacity of 6,000 tons or 35,000,000 cans. Its advanced facilities have the recent innovation, a fundamental pillar in each one of the productions and broad cycles of the plant, which permits them to explore developments that supplant sugar and gluten, which incorporate collagen for the skin, joints, or for bone wellbeing; with proteins and fiber, with Halal seal, etc.

In the upcoming project, they have come with an idea where they are going to personalize confectionery dietary supplements for their clients and buyers, thanks to technological advances that allow them to innovate in formulas and ingredients and grow new products.

They have a marked desire for advancement that leads them to put extensive assets in their specialized and other regions, in order to anticipate consumer needs and present items that are at the bleeding edge of the market.

Business Challenges

Our customer has been using GOIS to manage their inventory and accounting needs since 2018. At the beginning of 2020 our customer has decided to implement an EDI solution that would fully integrate with GOIS to meet the specific and demanding requirements of customers such as QuickBooks, 3PLs, WMS, inventory software, online channels, and FedEx and UPS. They also needed to improve supply chain efficiencies, cut costs and have their EDI solution implemented within a short time frame.

As a growing business expanding in the North American market, they required an EDI provider that could not alone support all the EDI standards but one that could also offer fully integrated EDI solutions for GOIS. The Organization is a pharma Venture that has built-up a customized search strategy based on the specific requirements of the client, which involves a systemic country-by-country identification of candidates with the correct medical indications, which is combined with their commercial potential and availability for the territories of interest. For each lead, they have created a custom-made proposal, which was the basis of a formal and confidential approach by this organization on behalf of their client to capture the business opportunity. Their venture has identified many more promising leads than the client had been able to achieve with its own resources and they have contributed to an efficient acquisition process.


As eCommerce continues to grow at a rapid pace, many suppliers and retailers are introducing fully integrated EDI solutions as best business practice and a core competency of their overall business model. Having a fully integrated EDI solution means that manual processes can be automated, turn-rates increased, and internal resources used more efficiently and effectively. After a detailed search of the marketplace, our customer has selected GOIS and eZCOM to be their EDI partner. By implementing fully integrated EDI solutions for GOIS, our customer was able to automate the sending and receiving of all standard EDI documents such as purchase orders, invoices and advanced shipment notifications (ASN). As a full service EDI provider, eZCOM EDI services provided our customer with all the communication protocols, translation services, mapping functionality and support required to establish and run a successful EDI solution with their trading partners.

The Results

Automation of Order Process

With the manual order creation in GOIS they have to make manual entries in their system to update their stocks. To overcome this issue GOIS has come up with a solution for the Organization by providing them EDI Integration with Lingo via which whenever they make entries of the products the GOIS inventory automatically gets updated, due to which their workflow starts running with ease and smoothness.

Goods Order Inventory completed the project within 4 weeks after that no manual data entry used to be created by Organization and 100 of orders started flowing to GOIS in a fraction of seconds and with this help from GOIS, Today the organization is dealing with a large number of happy customers.

Goods Order Inventory completed the project within 4 weeks after that no manual data entry use to be created by Organization and 100 of orders started flowing to GOIS in a fraction of seconds and With this help from GOIS, Today the organization is dealing with a large number of happy customers.

Product Traceability

Product traceability was a major issue for the organization as it was specifically essential for them to track down expired and defective products. To get over this major issue of traceability Goods order inventory helped the organization by explaining to them about the inventory feature where they can add new products with all the details and can trace any new product or existing product by going in the Managed Product section. GOIS also provided them the feature to keep the visibility on their Back Orders with GOIS backorder functionality, which provided them an advantage in keeping an eye on their products.

Increasing supply chain visibility can be very helpful for suppliers and retailers. Traceability helped the organization in identifying where all the medicine is going, decreasing the likelihood of them getting lost in the market, and help prevent counterfeiting. It increased the Fulfillment of the orders through Lingo EDI.

Automation of Inventory Processes

As, 100s of orders were coming from different locations of the same company like Target, CVS, MEIJER INC, TOPCO, GNC, HEB, GIANT EAGLE INC, etc. using EDI, it helped them to automate their sales and ordering processes. The Organization quickly and efficiently makes inventory inquiries for their suppliers to determine availability. The automation of the inventory was an efficient process with no errors. The Orders, which are being shipped, were updated correctly in the inventory system timely.

Warehouse Management

It includes the physical warehouse infrastructure, tracking systems, and communication between product stations. All the more accurately, warehouse management involves the receipt, storage, and development of goods to distribution centers or to the last customer. In today’s modern world, organizations are using multiple levels of warehouses. These may include a central warehouse, regional warehouses (serviced by the central warehouse), and potentially retail warehouses (serviced by the regional warehouses).

Goods order inventory provides customers fully integrated, cloud-based EDI solutions to link their system with their ERP or Accounting Software solution. It helps to automate the flow of data between systems and removes the need to re-key data. This in turn gives the client greater accuracy, which reduces charge, backs and saves both time and money. The EDI solution permits them to transfer part of their inventory to a third-party logistics solution so that they can reduce warehousing costs, improve shipping speeds, and possibly reduce the total cost of inventory and warehousing as well.

Pick and Ship – Making Order Fulfillment Simple

Goods order Inventory permit multi-channel distributors and manufacturer’s powerful tools for boosting, smoothing out, and idealizing warehouse and order fulfillment operations. For distributors everything being equal and sizes, paying little mind to industry, a strong, positive reputation usually depends intensely on the phases of request fulfillment: Pick, Pack, and Ship.

With the help of Multi-Channel Order Management:

  • At the same time, handle numerous business channels, including EDI and eCommerce.
  • Requests can include products, administration expenses, delivering charges, taking care of charges, any chargeable things, or exercises.
  • Make in a hurry deals orders continuously with mobile devices.
  • Acknowledge various installment choices.
  • Set “don’t dispatch” before and after dates.
  • Book arrangements ahead of time of shipments without inventory commitment.
  • View credit status during order entry, use authorization-based supersede ability if necessary.

3PL (Third Party Logistics)

A third-party logistics company or 3PL provider is an organization that provides full logistics services: transportation, forwarding, warehousing, customs clearance, and other logistics-related activities. 3PL represents Third Party Logistics. In other words, the term 3PL is inseparable from logistics outsourcing, which implies the exchanges of part or all the logistics functions, to a logistics service provider.

Benefits of EDI for 3PL

EDI gives the establishment for third-party logistics suppliers to seek after the computerized request handling and inventory management capacities that help their business scale and thrive. It is important that an ever-increasing number of retailers and providers are requesting all from their exchanging accomplices to be EDI skilled.

  • Reduce manual processes and errors.
  • EDI is cheaper than paper.
  • Increase predictability and performance.
  • Improve forecasts from precise data.
  • Better, control your margin.
  • Free up valuable resources.



Stay on top of your financial data by connecting your QuickBooks account with Goods Order Inventory. With QuickBooks integration, you will be able to automate some of your manual processes, allowing better efficiency.

Goods Order inventory system offers advanced features like multi-location support, geographic order routing, automated backorder management, inventory reporting, and more to supercharge QuickBooks capabilities and arms merchants with the higher-complexity tools they need.

The QuickBooks Customer loves to work with Goods order Inventory because they provide:

  • Quick, painless installation & easy onboarding.
  • Immediate visibility into inventory health.
  • Daily improvements in inventory performance.
  • See ROI in the first month of using Goods Order Inventory.


Shopify is a cloud-based, multi-channel eCommerce platform that offers a wide range of customizable features to open your own online store. With a comprehensive suite of services, including payments, marketing, shipping, and customer engagement tools, Shopify enables online retailers to simplify the process of running an online store for small merchants.

Benefits Using GOIS Shopify Inventory Management solution.

  • Our Shopify inventory management integration keeps an accurate count of all your products, across all other sales channels. We will uniquely map your stock-keeping units (SKUs) across Shopify.
  • Consolidates all orders from all channels for simplified order fulfillment & customer service management
  • Manage your inventory across multiple shipping warehouses from Goods Order Inventory (GOIS).

EDI Integration

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a communications innovation used to trade business documents between associations via computers. EDI frameworks translate business documents from one association into universal standards, communicate them to different partners and guide them into usable business documents for those partners, in their innovation frameworks and apparatuses. Taking care of everything from automated purchase orders and invoices to health insurance codes and shipments, EDI is a vital business-to-business (B2B) interchanges as well.

About eZCom Lingo

eZCom Software is a main provider of software as a service (SaaS) for EDI and web-based businesses, utilized by our client for supply chain management. Upheld by remarkable client support, we offer custom-made solutions and can integrate our Lingo application with ERPs like Microsoft Dynamics, accounting software for example QuickBooks, 3PLs, WMS, inventory software, online channels, and FedEx and UPS. Intuitive and robust, our product will improve consistency and dramatically decrease the errors that make chargebacks, while conveying the consistent transactions that present requesting consumers and retailers expect.

About GOIS

GOIS is a cloud-based inventory and order management system that caters a wide range of organizations and runs over platforms like Web Browser, Android Smartphone/iOS operating devices. Independent of what your center business size is, GOIS gives a skeleton on which your whole association banks upon, a powerful inventory management solution that adds life to your business.

GOIS introduces itself as a Software as a Service (SaaS) across the board business solutions by integrating various business capacities for each industry area. GOIS is consistently prepared to expand its support for you in dealing with chaotic situations created by endless inventory required in your business.

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