Inventory- A keystone of your business!

To empower and run your business efficiently and profitably, leaving paper behind and use the latest in cloud technology would be beneficial. But due to lack of knowledge about centralized inventory tracking capabilities, nearly half of small to medium sized businesses still use pen and paper for inventory management, or sometimes don’t even track inventory at all by finding this manual laborious workflow time consuming causing their business degradation and makes a company hard to sustain in today’s competitive marketplace.

Maintaining proper inventory level is essential to every business. Keeping excessively high and low levels of your inventory negatively affect a business and reduces its cost efficiency.


GOIS Cloud Inventory Management System for a Paperless Business!

Correct selection of an Inventory Management System will be a turnkey for your business inventory, otherwise it would be very difficult to track everything between your office, warehouse and field workers from different individual systems. GOIS will make your warehouse and distribution centre more efficient, accurate, and connected as it keeps a track of your master product list, categories, sales orders, raw material purchases, inventory transactions, etc. from a centralized cloud server thereby maintaining profitable vendor and customer relationships.

Considering Goods Order Inventory System (GOIS Pro) for switching your current manual workflow to an automated centralized flow simplifies business process to help in identifying how much is in stock, where items are located at and how much stocks will be needed to maintain the sufficiency across multiple warehouses and business units by analysing historical transaction patterns and predicting future ordering levels, which can benefit a company run efficiently and growing market quickly.

Digitize Your Inventory with Quick Barcoding Advantage

Configuring an inefficient inventory system for your company might fulfil your business criteria, but what about your customer expectations and resource usefulness? Yes, under these circumstances there can be an unorganized inventory even after using an automated system.

Learn how Goods Order Inventory barcode tracking saves time and increases business productivity by 60%?

Users of GOIS have been following quick purchase ordering and fulfilment option through their smartphones or tablets. It’s quite handy and easy to use. All you need to do is to just scan- scan-scan or search the items quickly by typing few relevant alphabets or characters of a product to be lined up in a purchase order, then selecting a vendor to send a quick PO email request directly from mobile app. Once shipment has been received, tap a single action button to fulfill the order for the requested item’s check-in.

Rear Camera and Bluetooth Scanning
Offline and Online Working Mode
N5 Scanning Device Integration
Mobility and Global Accessibility
Automated Backup and Data Security

Real-Time Visibility of Your Inventory Lifecycle!

Get the exact location of all inventory items on your shelves/racks. Direct your workers to the specified location instantly to pick order items so as to minimize search and travel time, thereby increasing the frequency of orders they can pick each day to make your customers happy.

Now streamline inventory operations by tracking real-time stock movements to assess current stock levels across multiple warehouses and bins. Moreover create sales from a given Lot and even with back order quantity so as to collect orders from your customers without having availability of item under your stock. Moreover user can now fulfil the back-ordered stock at later stage.
Reconciling a stock against damaged, missing, stolen or wrong input products across multi-warehouses and multi-user environment is a tedious and time consuming job. GOIS provides an efficient stock adjustment function using web and mobile devices that too in few steps allows user to make necessary stock adjustments for additions or deductions as desired.
To reduce the manual load of stock relocation for low stock item across multiple warehouses, GOIS has provided ‘Transfer Order’ function that allows you to quickly create a transfer order between one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one warehouses, locations or business units. Simply select a source and destination location and add items along with the quantity to be transferred to initiate the bulk transfer.
Owing to its specific global mobility features, GOIS equips you tracking your existing stock status for any warehouse/location on-the-go. Users may perform quick stock check-in and check-out operations to boost up their business productivity.

Keep updated with total inventory cost of each individual location or bin under one or multiple warehouse environment by tracking real-time stock availability against live customer orders and shipments.

Have complete visibility on all your historical stock records against each individual product with opening, standing and closing inventory levels for a given duration to access its demand and supply.
Analyse the gap between your current stock, purchase pipeline and sales pipeline for different Products helps you to maintain correct inventory levels and forecast your purchases and sales to optimize your current inventory/assets needs.
As a business owner, keep an eye on all the under-stocked and over-stocked items to cut down inventory related costs by keeping appropriate stock levels all the time. Get Low stock reports and alerts for under-stocked items on your fingertips to maintain stock sufficiency.
With GOIS, simply combine different parts or raw material to make your own multi-level assembly/kit which can be purchased, stocked or sold as a whole or individually as desired. Making a sale of a composite product or kit will automatically deduct quantity of each individual component mapped with that composite product from a selected warehouse location. Users may also sell kit components separately during bundles stock-outs.

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