Purchase Orders – A simpler approach to procure goods and services for your business!

Many businesses have a misconception about foregoing purchase orders because they assess the paperwork to be a hassle that slows things down which makes order receiving as one of the toughest task for any business. Moreover, tracking on-time order receivables with paper documents across multi-warehouse environments, makes stock management more challenging.

But if you have a comprehensive inventory and order management system, it can smoothen up your business flow drastically by optimizing your current approach.

Here’s where GOIS comes into play, so as to empower your ordering and receiving capabilities by automating your daily purchase operations.


GOIS helps your business to attain advancement in purchasing workflow for cost driven approval routings. This is how:

  • We incorporate global mobility in your ordering and fulfilment process.
  • Flexible offline and online working modes with real-time data synchronization.
  • Follow an approval workflow against a receiving request by vendor or supplier with correct status.
  • Make partial order fulfilment when needed and keep a track of what is remaining until fulfilled completely.
  • Generate highly customizable purchase order documents using dynamic template function.
  • Email/Print orders and bills directly to your suppliers or within the company.
  • Use Global search to quickly search any open/closed purchase order or use advance filters to enhance the search results.
  • Manage and track all historical purchase transactions to track a vendor performance before placing a new order.
  • Automatic Lot# and Batch# tracking.

Learn how users of GOIS have streamlined their entire process of purchasing with our simplified approach!

Quick Purchase Order on Mobile

Users of GOIS have been using the quick purchase ordering and fulfilment option through their smartphones or tablets. It’s quite handy and easy to use. All you need to do is to just “scan- scan-scan” or search the items quickly by typing few relevant alphabets or characters of a product to be lined up in a purchase order, then selecting a vendor to send a quick PO email request directly from mobile app. Once shipment has been received, tap a single action button to fulfill the order for the requested item’s check-in.
Let suppose your manufacturing unit offers goods across diversified clientele, and your business is associated with the clients having straight demands, wholesalers with fluctuating demands and customers with seasonal demands or even if your analytical reports can forecast the demands pretty well, but the pain of your staff to manage details about dozens of orders is quite understandable. GOIS automates the tasks performed by your staff to maintain optimum inventory levels and simplifies production planning by providing owners a real-time eye on the actual demands and available supplies to cater those demands.

Scheduling Made Easy

GOIS’s Self-Purchase Order Capabilities

Some companies have a critical time for customer deliveries or want to purchase goods for internal use or production cycle, but do not wish to wait for a complete approval cycle to get the stock fulfilled; GOIS provides a solution to such businesses as well. By providing system privileges to multiple users for creating self-purchase orders into the system, instead of going through the proper purchasing channels and approval metrics, one can personally make a request from a vendor and create their own Self Purchase Order that bypasses the procurement process of the company. This helps companies to be more efficient when acquiring materials and products they need to operate on a daily basis. GOIS traces are more visible to the business owner against self-purchase orders to make the process safe.
When you have number of purchase requests coming in every day, your current workflow might be time-consuming and inefficient, especially when requests are being made over emails, phone calls, paper documents, or faxes. It’s quite tough to get a quick overview of the entire order receiving cycle in just one shot. But with GOIS cloud inventory solution, the system ensures that all orders are being digitized, helping you prioritize the requests more intelligently. Using GOIS Pro, we help automate your delivery and receiving schedules against order lists, which also helps you to boost your business productivity and keep a track of all check-ins on time or whenever stock is needed.

Streamlined Ordering Workflow

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