Benefits of using GOIS with QuickBooks and Shopify Integration

QuickBooks and Shopify Integration
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Keeping digital orders and accounting processes in sync can challenge even the savviest enterprises, and for too long it’s been a painstaking process involving spreadsheet downloads and manual data entry. With a QuickBooks – Shopify Online integration with Goods order inventory system, merchants can sync eCommerce transactions and automatically track sales, taxes, expenses, and payments and eliminate all the manual data processing. But before we begin, here’s a short overview of QuickBooks and Shopify.


QuickBooks is one of the leading accounting software that helps to manage and track invoices, bills, sales, expenses, time, and many more things. Have a look at the amazing benefits of QuickBooks:

  • Easy money management
  • Keeps track of sales and generates invoices with a simple click
  • User-friendly
  • Creates a variety of financial reports
  • Billing expense


Shopify is one of the most accepted e-commerce platforms to grow and manage a business. It is very much popular due to its user-friendly interface and low start-up cost. Here are some astonishing features of Shopify:

  • Easy to implement and use
  • Reliable and secure
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy customizations
  • Own payment gateway

Need of Shopify Integration with QuickBooks

  • Staff members are spending too much time on manual data entry
  • Software crashes causes data loss. It takes both; time and money to process the order data.
  • Overselling could be risky if you do not update the inventory quantities after sales are made.
  • Manual data entry slows down the fulfilment process due to which orders could be late or wrongly shipped.
  • Without integration, product information becomes messy and inconsistent

Benefits of using GOIS with QuickBooks and Shopify Integration

1. Keeps the accounting accurate and Up to Date

Good accountancy is the key to good friendly relationships. Coordinating your accountancy with online sales in an automated manner would give an accurate and up to date source of information. Therefore, reduce your time and effort with reconciliations in QuickBooks.

2. Synchronizes Sales, Product and Customer Data

Though QuickBooks and Shopify are two different e-commerce platforms, they really compliment each other well. Here are some of the quick benefits of synchronizing QuickBooks and Shopify:

  • Automation keeps you connected with your accountancy.
  • It saves your time, money and is less prone to errors.
  • Invoices and payments keep pace with your orders
  • Based on your orders, inventory management is updated in real-time.
  • Product and customer data is organized in a proper manner. This makes the information more useful.

3. Acquire a True View of Your Business

For good business decisions, accurate and updated information is very necessary. You cannot plan sales or production if you do not have an exact idea about the product units in the inventory. Integration of Shopify with QuickBooks gives you a wider view of your business.

Additional advantages:

  • Seamlessly integrate your eCommerce and accounting processes
  • Eliminate manual integration processes
  • Reduce custom coding and leverage APIs
  • Verify and transform your data
  • Connect these and other application data flows to your EDI system
  • Sync e-commerce data to your back-end systems
  • Securely hand off data to enterprise applications and systems for storage and analysis
  • Drive business intelligence and optimize operational outcomes

GOIS helps you out with full integration of Shopify and QuickBooks. We are there to sync your orders, products, and customers. We would also help you update your inventory counts available in QuickBooks to Shopify. Hence your online store will always be up to date.

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