Why GOIS should be the go-to inventory management system for all QuickBooks Users?

Read Time: 2 minsQuickBooks, a leading accounting software in the world, has been successfully handling key accounting tasks for small and medium-sized industries, such as enabling electronic payments, managing and paying bills, online banking and reconciliation among others. However, it is deficient in a few capabilities related to managing inventory and ordering processes, which are primarily tasks of the organizations. Responding to the growing needs of the users to reconcile these disparate tasks, Goods Order inventory (GOIS), a cloud-based inventory management system, has recently implemented its integration with the QuickBooks accounting solution.

This integration has come up with numerous advantages for QuickBooks users. A few of these are as follows:
Increased automation:
By allowing the automatic syncing of recent stock and order information, GOIS Pro-QuickBooks Integration eliminates the need of manual data entry. Thus, it also avoids double data entry- one for the accounting system, and the other for the inventory and order management system. Consequently, the new integrated system is more efficient and error-free than before.

Enhanced reporting functions:
After the integration, then users can avail the benefits of reporting capabilities of both systems seamlessly. Thus, the user experience of business reporting is far more enhanced.

Improved productivity:
As the key business information related to accounting, inventory and order management is integrated and available on the cloud, it is easily and globally accessible to organizational users. Thus, by facilitating increased mobility and scalability, it results in improved productivity of the entire organization.

Better product management:
In the integrated system, you can import the entire data about your products into a unified catalogue. This helps you manage the products more effectively, as you can organize them according to images, categories and prices. Since accounts are integrated, you can easily figure out the best-selling products at any point in time.
Seamless Purchase order process:
With GOIS Pro, you can raise purchase orders with your vendors, and close them after receiving the inventory. Now, as the system is integrated with QuickBooks, you can make payments to vendors instantly from anywhere. Here, the system gets the entire data synced automatically. This way, the integration provides the users seamless experience with regard to purchasing order process and saves a lot of work hours on the part of users.

Real-time inventory valuation:
GOIS provides you with real-time inventory status, as it keeps updating the entire data with every inventory-related activity, such as buying or selling a product, moving the stocks across the locations, damaging or consuming items etc. Now, since QuickBooks maintains an account on all these, it is evident to perform the evaluation of all the available inventory on the go. Thus, it helps you to keep in touch with the financial health of your enterprise anytime and anywhere.

It is evident that by connecting two cloud systems, this integration allows you to synchronize all the information from GOIS Pro to your QuickBooks Online account instantly. As a result, you can manage all your business activities about accounting, managing inventory and orders in a single place. The above-mentioned benefits are merely representative, there are many more you can experience when you would actually work on this.

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