What is Intercompany in GOIS?

Intercompany functionality in GOIS empowers businesses with the ability to seamlessly manage transactions, inventory transfers, and financials across multiple entities within the same organization. Whether you’re dealing with diverse locations, subsidiaries, or departments, our feature simplifies the complexities associated with intercompany operations.

Key Features

Unified Platform

Manage all your entities within a single, centralized platform, eliminating the need for separate systems for each branch or subsidiary.

Efficient Transaction Management

Seamlessly create and track intercompany transactions such as sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, and payments.

Inventory Visibility and Control

Gain real-time visibility into inventory levels across all locations, and effortlessly transfer stock between entities to optimize stock levels.

Automated Accounting

Simplify financial reporting and compliance with automated intercompany accounting, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial information.

Enhanced Collaboration

Foster collaboration and communication between different branches or subsidiaries, driving synergy and innovation across the organization.

Minimized Initial Investment
Minimized Initial Investment

Key Benefits

Increased Efficiency

Streamline intercompany processes, reduce manual effort, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Cost Savings

Optimize inventory levels, minimize excess stock holding costs, and improve financial management with automated accounting.

Improved Decision-Making

Access real-time data and insights to make informed business decisions, driving growth and profitability.

Enhanced Visibility

Gain a comprehensive view of intercompany activities, inventory movements, and financial performance across all entities.


Easily scale your operations as your organization grows, without worrying about the complexities of managing multiple entities.


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