Composite bundles and item groups are powerful features offered by inventory management systems like GOIS (Goods Order Inventory System). They allow businesses to simplify their inventory management processes and improve operational efficiency.

Start creating exciting Item bundles with special prices

Sort your Products

Categorize your items into groups based on their distinct attributes, brands, product types, sizes, and colours, and organize them accordingly. This will assist your customers to find whatever they require easily.

Minimized Initial Investment
Minimized Initial Investment

Curate exciting bundles

Create special product bundles for your Clients, like baby baskets, and gift hampers, at exciting prices. Clients appreciate the comfort of getting all the products they require as a single package.

Manage manufacturing inventory

Using Items from your inventory in your production line? GOIS Inventory lets you create a bill of materials, and create custom prices for the finished goods.

Minimized Initial Investment

Key Benefits of utilizing Composite
Bundles and Item groups

Streamlined Inventory Management

Composite bundles and item groups enable businesses to manage multiple products or items as a single unit. This streamlines inventory management by reducing the need to track individual components separately. Instead of handling and updating inventory for each item separately, businesses can treat composite bundles or item groups as a single entity, simplifying processes and saving time.

Accurate Stock Control

With composite bundles and item groups, businesses can maintain accurate stock control. Rather than manually adjusting stock levels for each individual item in a bundle, the inventory management system automatically adjusts the stock quantity based on the sale or consumption of the composite bundle. This ensures that stock levels are updated accurately, providing a real-time view of inventory availability.

Efficient Sales and Purchasing

Composite bundles and item groups improve the efficiency of sales and purchasing processes. When selling composite bundles, businesses can easily select the entire bundle as a single item, simplifying the sales transaction. Similarly, when purchasing, businesses can order the composite bundle or item group instead of individually adding each component, saving time and effort.

Pricing and Discount Management

Composite bundles and item groups offer flexibility in pricing and discount management. Businesses can set bundle prices that are different from the combined prices of individual components, allowing for competitive pricing strategies. Additionally, discounts and promotions can be applied specifically to bundles or item groups, making it easier to manage pricing and promotional activities.

Inventory Analysis and Reporting

Composite bundles and item groups provide valuable insights for inventory analysis and reporting. Businesses can analyze the sales performance of individual components within a bundle or item group, identifying popular products and optimizing inventory levels. These insights help in making data-driven decisions, improving sales strategies, and optimizing inventory management practices.

Customer Satisfaction

By offering composite bundles and item groups, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction. Bundling related items together provides convenience to customers by offering them a complete solution or package. It can also result in cost savings for customers compared to purchasing individual items separately. This value proposition can attract more customers and lead to increased sales.


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