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Analyze Business Fact – Assembly/Kitting/Bill of Material (BOM)

Evaluating a company’s workflow is an important aspect to compete and win a market. A company can only run their business successfully if there is smooth check-in and check-out operations being performed across all the departments for the goods and services a company is dealing with. Moreover theses in and out processes are different across different industry domains, but an operation called product assembly is widely used so as to optimize production or sales and smoothen business operations. This assembly process is sometimes referred as Kitting or Bundling or Bill of Material (BOM) based on the terminology being used by a given industry.

To understand the assembly concept from an inventory point of view, kitting can help you track your items better. It is more efficient than shipping items individually, because by grouping different individual items, you can consider all of it as one SKU which can easily be organized in warehouse and also boost up the check-out process. An assembled group can have 2 or more components and can be managed as Kits or bundles.

GOIS’s Kitting Advantage

  • Customizable and printable Bill of Material (BOM) and packing list template with location information
  • Unique identifier for assembly which include kit components, each with its own unique item number
  • Provides complete Kit Definition access to your Sales Reps. enabling assistance with replacement parts orders
  • Centralized inventory stock helps reduced processing and handling time for kit and its components
  • Modify assembly component definition against any quantity and price change at the time of sale
  • Real Time tracking of stock levels for the components of each assembly
  • Track standardized cost of assembly as well as of its component parts
  • Discounts on retail price of a Kit on the fly (buy bundle and save).
  • Set a kit to inactive when you no longer need them in bundle
  • Automatic disassembling of a kit to free up common components needed elsewhere
  • Fast order response and fulfilment time
  • Increase productivity with set processes in place
  • Multi-Level Kitting and Assembly

Create BOM/Assembly for Intelligent Sales and Effortless Check-Out

After creating all inventory part or component items, you can setup an inventory assembly for each manufactured item. Also you can assign a component list, a bill of materials (or “BOM”) to an assembly or a kit or a recipe. Moreover GOIS provides a Product-Assembly report which shows the total ordered quantity against a sales order for all the component parts with corresponding definition (price, qty.) lined up in a kit or assembly. System allows an item to be ordered, sold and shipped in a pre-defined set or groups of products to refine and enhance your sales process.

Inventory Management System
Inventory Management System

Understanding the Need!

If you’re selling individual products that are interrelated somehow, consider bundling them to sell a superhero instead. Also if multiple customers purchase a same set of products, it clearly indicates an opportunity to form a related-product kit or assembly or bundle.

Also forming groups, then packaging, and at last shipping various products together in order to offer them as one unit is always preferred by sellers and buyers to get extra benefit over individual units. Kitting is commonly used for products that are different but related, and have the ability to be sold collectively to run special promotions or combined components to optimize inventory management.

GOIS gives your business an operational benefit by pre-assembling or pre-kitting items to form bundles that can be sold loose or together as kits by adjusting stock considering respective sales pattern. Goods Order Inventory also help workers spend less time in picking and packing, which reduce labour costs thereby improves your cash flow with better control over your inventory.

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