5 Benefits of Inventory Management for Automotive Supply Chains

Automotive Supply Chains
Read Time: 3 minsThe complexity of today’s worldwide supply chains makes it difficult for automotive suppliers to deploy auto inventory management at the proper time, place, and quantity. Due to demand uncertainty brought on by unanticipated events like COVID-19, inventory may be in excess or deficit. The solutions developed by the automobile industry to address these issues may include various ERP, SCM, and CRM tools, making internal and external product tracking and tracing challenging and inefficient.
The lack of visibility into automotive inventories, which prevents supply chains from working to their full potential, is a recurring theme in all of these issues. Your risk of experiencing disruptions rises as a result of holes in the supply chain caused by a lack of transparency. In order to maximize operations, automotive suppliers must examine every stage of their supply chain and understand how to employ inventory management. But first, it’s crucial to comprehend inventory management procedures and how they affect revenue.

Impact of Inventory Management in Automotive Industry
Automotive inventory management system Retail POS Inventory Management Solution involves tracking and managing goods from suppliers, through the manufacturing process, and into customers’ hands. It goes beyond simply knowing how much inventory you have on hand.
A surplus of inventory results in discounts and outmoded stock, ties up cash that may be put to better use elsewhere in the company. Due to stock-outs, having insufficient inventory results in lost revenue and disgruntled customers. It can be challenging to strike the appropriate balance between having too much inventory and not keeping enough on hand, particularly if you rely on spreadsheets or other manual procedures.
Automotive suppliers may gain visibility into products across all channels with an inventory management system, ensuring the appropriate products are accessible at the right time and in the right location. An integrated inventory management system makes it possible for the supply chain to function effectively by optimizing inventories to assure product availability.

Automotive Inventory Management Advantages
Demand Planning: Inadequate inventory to fill client orders and lost sales can be the result of insufficient demand forecasting. On the other hand, having too much inventory results in obsolete inventory, wasting resources that may be used for anything else. Businesses are compelled to get rid of surplus inventory by offering discounts or selling items at reduced prices. Both of these circumstances result in lower overall sales and profit margins.
Supplier Management: In order to mitigate supply risks and lessen the impact of a disruption, auto suppliers typically procure the same component from many sources. The company can swiftly increase the order quantity from another supplier to assure product availability if one supplier is unable to fulfill an order.
You can keep track of which components or raw materials originated from which source with the use of an inventory management system. Instead of recalling all products made within a given time period, you can dig deeper to determine which vendor supplied the faulty component and then recall those products. Traceability lowers operating expenses and waste. Utilizing inventory management systems also enables a business to track and monitor the caliber of its suppliers, which ultimately results in better, more dependable suppliers.
Production Scheduling
Building a plan that guarantees material availability, places products in workstations, schedules people, and reserves machines and work centers is part of effective production. Without precise inventory awareness, it is possible to reserve personnel and equipment for a planned production run only to find that the necessary components are not accessible.
You can arrange production accordingly by using the material availability status and shortage data provided by an inventory management system to determine exactly when the material will be available. Real-time record updates provided by inventory management systems let you make proactive production plan adjustments and prepare for unforeseen delays. The production cycle is more effectively managed through inventory, and staff can schedule production based on availability.
Warehouse Management
Without the proper infrastructure in place, streamlining automotive warehousing operations across several locations can be much more difficult. Without automobile inventory management software the visibility across several sites, you are forced to run each warehouse independently, necessitating adequate stock in every facility. A product’s designated location in the warehouse also minimizes inefficient staff movement and increases labor productivity.
You can track an item from the supplier purchase order to the client order and every step in between with the help of effective inventory management. A business can strategically fulfill orders from the warehouse with enough stock thanks to an inventory management system that makes it possible to check inventory levels across all locations.
Order Fulfillment
Enterprise-wide visibility and coordination are necessary to implement a seamless fulfillment strategy across various channels. The fulfillment process can easily become complicated and cost-prohibitive without visibility into the car inventory. Inventory management is essential for maximizing inventory utilisation across all channels, speeding up the fulfillment process, reducing obsolete inventory, and creating satisfied consumers.
In order to fulfill orders, an auto inventory management system provides visibility into item quantities and locations across all sites. Orders can be automatically compared to the availability of global inventory and routed to the most effective location, such as completing orders from the nearest warehouse, allocating specific items to a particular warehouse, or giving priority to significant client orders.

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